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Hootsuite Inc. : When your daughters acting even more suspicious than usual. Stream #Riverdale: go.cwtv.com/streamRVRtw

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TweetDeck : Dont mess with her.

Stream new episodes of #Riverdale only on The CW App: go.cwtv.com/streamRVRtw

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Twitter Web App : So in conclusion, my theory is they are real people with different lives from this and I think in the end of the season/season 5, we will see their REAL lives in REAL LIFE. #Riverdale

Twitter Web App : 3. The all ships on riverdale are LOVELY! But would someone actually in real-life will talk with his friends with ship names? And use words like endgame pretty much? #Riverdale

Twitter Web App : 1. Someone from the family of the main characters are always the villains of the stories. (Yes, Chick was the GK, but Penelope was the mind of all of it) #riverdale

Twitter Web App : I am not saying Archie, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl etc. are not real, THEY ARE, but THEIR STORIES ARE DIFFERENT. Why? #Riverdale

Twitter Web App : Just think about the first time we actually saw Jughead - he was on his laptop writing, saying It was midnight, when my old friend, Archie Andrews, arrived at the one place in town thats still open. He was looking for the girl next door. Instead, he found me. #riverdale