iPhone : If you want to remain in the EU, then only the Liberal Democrats offer that option. Join the thousands of people joining our party and help us #StopBrexit. libdems.org.uk/joining-us twitter.com/skynewsbreak/s…

iPhone : When backbenchers read headlines like this, those not fighting to #StopBrexit have to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they could look their kids or constituents in the eye and say, they did what was right, rather than putting #PartyAboveCountry

iPhone : Let’s turn this around!

We live in a fantastic country, and have so much to be proud of. It’s time to come together and get the UK back on track.

Invest in NHS
Green New Deal for jobs
Lead #ClimateEmergency battle

And #StopBrexit: it undermines our British values & strengths twitter.com/benatipsosmori…

Twitter Web App : What the Luxembourg PM said that you won’t see on the BBC:

“This is a lie. You tried to win votes with lies

Xavier Bettel slams Boris Johnson’s Brexit campaign.

#StopBrexit #Remain

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Android : At a time when the Daily Mail is among those propaganda rags attacking our state institutions, let’s remember that it is owned by Viscount Rothermere, who claims non-domicile status and does not pay UK tax. 😠 #hypocrisy #StopTheCoup #StopBrexit 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺

Twidere for Android #7 : Jeremy Corbyn: "UK could be better off outside EU if right deal available"

Jeremy Corbyn: "Remainers should vote for Labour"

Jeremy Corbyn can, with all due respect, forget it if he thinks he can claim #Remain votes as support for his 'Sensible' Labour Brexit.


iPhone : There is NO Brexit deal that is good for London or good for the country. 🔶

The Liberal Democrats membership is growing every day. 🔶

Come and join the party that wants to #StopBrexit 🔶


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Twidere for Android #5 : Details of #StopTheCoup protests tomorrow (Monday 23rd) in:


#StopBrexit #ResistanceBill #LiarJohnson #RevokeArticle50 #Revoker #RemainsTheAnswer #PeoplesVote #FinalSayForAll #FSFA twitter.com/stopthecoup_UK…

Android : It’s the brazenness! They now believe they are beyond the law. Love your oleaginous description! Perfect!! #StopBrexit twitter.com/fascinatorfun/…

iPhone : People ask why I’m so determined to #StopBrexit?

Democracy was hacked: millions were conned by #LiarJohnson’s infamous £350m/week #NHS funding pledge they admitted making up to win. The RemainerNow voice is ignored

Here are medics on brutal reality for an already stretched NHS twitter.com/thebma/status/…

Android : UK could be better off outside EU, says Corbyn – video

Please watch if you need convincing that Labour is not a Remain party



Android : This week’s daily reminder:
UK population 2016- 65mill =100%
Electorate – 46.5mill = 71.5%
Voted in ref. - 33.5mill = 51.5%
Voted for Leave – 17.4mill = 26.7%
The view of less than 27% of the'people' is NOT a mandate to tear the country to pieces
The madness MUST stop