Twitter Web Client : I suspect you have questions... #TheDreadWolfRises

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iPhone : I can't say much about #TheDreadWolfRises , but I can say this - everyone involved loves the #dragonage franchise and we will give you a game that does right by it.

iPhone : Im hype for #thedreadwolfrises after, whats it been since DAI, four years? Have a Dragon Age fanart dump of what Ive done in that time. πŸ˜‚ IM READY!

Twitter Web Client : #DA4 #TheDreadWolfRises #DragonAge I know it won't happen but I want either Inquisitor or new character to Avenger's Assemble that shit against Solas/Dread Wolf. GET EVERYONE! Hero of Ferelden get your ass over here! Hawke get back to the castle!And ALL THE COMPANIONS!Snark army!

Android : Dont worry BioWare, We know where #Solas is and we are coming for him. #TheDreadWolfRises
(for those who spend far too much on a collectors edition #DragonAgeInquisition - that fabric map may have more hidden within...)