iPhone : LEAKED MEMO: The Center For American Progress says that Dreamers are a "critical component of the Democratic Party's future electoral success."

It's true: Democrats want illegal immigration for votes.


Twitter for iPad : #TuesdayThoughts

Hollywood Elites like Oprah continue to pat themselves on the back for #MeToo

YET they still don't acknowledge that THEY WERE & STILL ARE a big part of the problem when they pick & choose who they believe based on politics. #hypocrites


Twitter Web Client : #TuesdayThoughts

Being homeless does not mean they are poor, it means that they just don't have a home to go back to anymore. That's It! Why do people have to look down upon others who used to walk beside you? It just doesn't make any sense! #WTFsociety

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iPhone : Heres my non-political tweet for tonight, enjoy #TuesdayThoughts #dogsoftwitter #DogLovers #dogsarefamily 😍🐕💞


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