Android : Today is Tuesday. That means Donald J. Trump is lying, again. US is not getting billions of dollars from China as a gift. US importers pay US tariffs, not China. Also, US farmers are getting a fraction of what they would be getting if there was no trade war.


Android : Dear #MAGA folks: Head-scratcher below isn't it?

Also, have you figured out yet that Donald J. Trump lied when he said China pays US tariffs? China does not. You do.


Twitter Web App : My question to anyone watching this is, If you care about Veterans, Americans, & black, white, and Hispanic children, why dont you put our babies first?

Why are the needs of illegal aliens so important that our children have to suffer & struggle to get by?

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Android : Vedas prove Kabir is God.
The narrator of Ved (Brahm) is saying that Supreme God KavirDev by appearing in the form of an extraordinary human child explains His real, pure knowledge to His souls through Kabir baani.
Rigved Mandal 9 sukt 96

Android : मुझे वो छोड़ गया, ये कमाल है उसका,
इरादा मैंने किया था, के छोड़ दूंगा उसे....

Mujhe wo chhod gaya, ya kamaal hai uska,
Iraada maine kiya thha ke chhod dunga usey......

Android : ये ख़ाक ज़ादे जो रहते हैं बेज़ुबान पड़े,
इशारा कर दें, तो सूरज ज़मीं पे आन पड़े.....

#TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation

Android : One can derive benefits through right worship only.
True Guru provides the real path and the true Mantras that will bring peace and happiness in life.
Bandichhod SatGuru Rampal Ji Maharaj is the one who has the True Mantras of all Gods.