Twitter Web Client : If things gets too much you could always reach out to a friend or relative.
It's okay to feel whatever you're feeling and it's important to not let it boil up inside.
Take care yourself and don't ignore your mental health!

Twitter Web Client : mental health may be invisible but it is real. don't struggle in silence yourself and make sure to reach out to the ones you love and say you are there for them, it could make all the difference. #WorldMentalHealthDay

Android : ✔RETWEET✔ if you are thankful that James Woods is back on Twitter. I cant say it enough. Just not the same without him. The fight for Right needs this invaluable soldier!
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Android : It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay
Everybody has their mental health to consider and there should be no stigma surrounding anyone who may be struggling. Be good to yourself and be good to others. Talk and listen. Reach out and open up.

TweetDeck : Today on #WorldMentalHealthDay, thinking of all my theater folks who have spent so long hiding. Talking about mental health is so important, especially in an industry that fuels burnout and breakdowns.

iPhone : #WorldMentalHealthDay Though its hard to be vulnerable about my demons,when im open about it it makes others feel less alone so its almost my duty to speak & live in my truth. Heres me telling my mom for the first time about me self harming.

From: You Matter the Documentary

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iPhone : Mental health is so important. Remember to look after yourself and get help if you need it. Keep in mind that you are loved and that you matter. Everything will turn out well in the end so dont give up now. Youre so strong and were all rooting for you ❤ #WorldMentalHealthDay

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iPhone : It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay, and I am so proud to live in a time where people are starting to be more open about their mental health issues — because it’s important to reduce stigma and it helps others not feel alone, but also, in my case, it’s important for me to say the words.

Twitter Web Client : Happy #WorldMentalHealthDay to everyone except companies that pretend to care about mental health for one day a year but punish employees who show any signs of suffering

iPhone : #WorldMentalHealthDay
A #tip from #psychotherapist Deborah Kerr
#CONFIDENCE & #WILLPOWER play a huge part in mental health & a good starting point to a positive healthy mind.
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iPhone : Happy #WorldMentalHealthDay
Remember no matter how bad things can feel, it’s only temporary!
There’s always hope & #help and you will say to yourself
Have Faith in yourself 🙌
#WMHD #MentalHealth
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