iPhone : Today’s advice on #AskAMan by @naked_dj and somizi somGAGA

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iPhone : What somizi somGAGA had to say about Anonza situation on #AskAMan

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Twitter Web App : He doesn't like lingerie
He loves books
He loves staying in the house
He is just not interested going out
And his excuse is they don't have money #AskAMan

Android : I like what the first caller said, spoiling your girl doesn't have to be an expensive gesture. It legit can be a picnic in your living room. #AskAMan

Twitter Web App : This #Anonymous partner missed out on #ThusoMotaung yesterday "O batla ntho tse ntle mara o Stingy...O Stingy maan. O batla M'sadi ya motle mara o Stingy" #AskAMan


Android : Uthandi izinto!!!
This man wont change, anoza must just accept it. He sounds like a simple man, even if they had money he would not be interested in anything.

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Android : #AskAMan i dont see any abuse here , the guy said he is not having money to go out. We as human being we are having choices in life and other is about how we have been raised are contributing factor in other relationships

Android : The lady sounds mature, reasonable and level headed. I doubt she suggest going out when she sees there's no money to. The guy sounds like he doesn't care about the relationship #AskAMan

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