Twitter Web App : Marshall Mathers IS OUT HERE KILLING NIGGAZ 💯💯💯💯

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iPhone : Wild N Out? Please, them dudes corny bro/Ill have these dudes runnin from pops like the Maury show/soon as my clips air, the whole party blown/youll have to put Wardens teeth in, this the Safari zone


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Android : A diss with Hitman, you think this gon work?/Im bout to show my ass Im wearin Lizzo shirt/these bars gonna get a few clicks prolly/Truth Hurts, Nick this is a big body


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iPhone :… #ripnickcannon his throat all blown out no wonder why his sound was so terrible on his tracks dissing himself!

iPhone : anna Hip hop doesn’t work like that. We created this shit and we recognize that he can spit. Ebro is wrong to say he doesn’t get respect. Respect was having #RIPNickCannon trending after dissing the man because we know he’s that good.

Android : I dont see nick cannon. Oh wait, not even worth mentioned #ripnickcannon 😂…