iPhone : Tonights #WeNurses on Domestic Violence and Abuse was a very tough topic and may be an issue for many people

There is some great advice via NHS Choices here .. along with some helpline phone numbers if you need them > nhs.uk/live-well/heal…

Twitter for iPad : Love this. Particularly check on your colleagues it’s so easy to get behind and it can be lonely when you do #teamwork #GPN #wenurses

Android : The journey to become a #midwife or #nurse can be emotionally challenging as well as very rewarding. Take time to celebrate the milestones, that lovely feedback from a mentor, a good essay result, a new skill mastered #WeMidwives #WeNurses #InItTogether #Motivation #TinasTips

iPhone : WeNurses 🌍 In my opinion,I believe that if nurses see behaviour that they may class as domestic violence and abuse,they should pull one of the parties to a side and ask how things are before maybe raising their concern to one of their superiors. #wenurses

Twitter for iPad : Tonight on #WeNurses we are chatting about:
"Domestic Violence & Abuse: Do we have a preventative role?"
Everybodies insight, knowledge and views are welcome :)

Twitter Web App : If you missed last nights #WeNurses Tweetchat its all captured on our webpage for you:

Domestic Violence & Abuse: Do we have a preventative role? > wecommunities.org/tweet-chats/ch…

TweetDeck : Really enjoyed doing the #JennerProg on my night shifts recently - need to crack on with it! #Leadership #150Leaders #WeNurses #WeAreTheNHS twitter.com/nhsleadership/…