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iPhone : نود و نهمين سالگرد استرداد و استقلال افغانستان مبارك.اين سالروز استقلال را مديون خون و رشادت صد ها شهيد و زخمي نيرو هاي امنيتي و دفاعي ميباشيم.آنها در سنگر ها بيدار استند تا ما در محيط خانواده و شهر خويش آسوده و در امن زندگي كنيم.

سرباز، بريدمل و افسران شجاع ما مديون شما استيم.

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iPhone : Most of the bodies of PakistanI Frontier Corp killed in Ghazni are still in the city. Only a few have been returned to Pakistan. So don’t get hung up on that, the explicit evidence of Paks in Ghazni will be shortly released. That seems to be driving Pakistan’s expected denials.

iPhone : Teams of International Red Cross have also reached to the city and are taking action to help and evacuate injured civilians.

iPhone : In order to give personal attention to the situation in Ghazni, in the last 72 hours, President Ghani has canceled 15 routine meetings to chair emergency sessions on #Ghazni.

iPhone : The relevant government departments have prepared emergency humanitarian packages for the civilians in Ghazni. These packages would reach to Ghazni city later today.

iPhone : Exclusive: As Trump cracks down on Pakistan, U.S. cuts military training programmes | Reuters in.reuters.com/article/pakist…

iPhone : Today, In extraordinary meeting of Commander-in-Chief, President Ghani was briefed: “We have sufficient number of security forces in #Ghazni. Brave ANDSF have inflicted heavy casualties to the enemy. The response by ANDSF has been excellent and coordination has greatly improved”

iPhone : مطمین استم که در برابر آواز منبر کسی ایستادگی کرده نمی تواند. سکوت در قسمت مبارزه با فساد، روا نیست، جفاست. 2/2

iPhone : رئیس جمهور غنی در کنفرانس علما تحت عنوان "صدای منبر بر ضد فساد اداری": زمانی که از منبر آواز بلند شود نبض مملکت تنظیم می شود. به همین قوتی که علمای جهان اسلام را قناعت دادید خواهش من این است که در قسمت مبارزه با فساد نیز آواز بلند نمایید. 1/2

iPhone : My thoughts & prayers, along w/ those of Resolute Support, are w/ families & friends of fallen & wounded soldiers & injured Afghan brothers & their families. Sacrifice on behalf of Afghan people & our coalition will endure in our hearts & history & further strengthen our resolve.

iPhone : My thoughts are with those who have lost their loved ones, and with the Czech Republic who have lost three military personnel in a suicide attack in eastern #Afghanistan. #NATO stands with the Afghan forces in their fight against terrorism.

iPhone : تیم نیروهای ویژه امریکایی در فراه مستقر شد darivoa.com/a/us-forces-is…

iPhone : Strong U.S. leadership will remain essential to deterring #China from considering acts of aggression.

But a resilient and responsive multilateral order can incentivize China to operate primarily within, as opposed to outside, international institutions. r.rand.org/85da