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Bio @tamronhallshow coming Sept 9, 2019 , it’s been long enough. I miss y’all.
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Android : Wanda Durant I am so proud of your verbal expression to answer THOSE who question things that have already been shown with ACTIONABLE results! As long as Gods in the plan the playbook is matchless. Time Heals All🙏

Android : ACT OF KINDNESS: After this 9-year-old boy had a conversation with his mom about kids who couldnt afford school lunches, he decided to use his own allowance to pay off his entire third grade class school lunch debt 💙

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Twitter Web Client : At the rate I am now convinced I have been breathing all wrong

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Twitter Web Client : Cyberspace has already become a domain of intense economic competition and information warfare, and states have begun preparing to weaponize it during actual wars. Michèle Flournoy and Michael Sulmeyer discuss how the U.S. will need to adapt:

iPhone : Happy Juneteenth! A video for those who need to learn more about the holiday. #Juneteenth2019 #Juneteenth

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Chicago Dad. Runner. Director. Observer/Tweeter My opinions are my own.

Twitter Web App : The Last Word It is unbelievable that the lawyers on the committee didnt stand up and shout that there was no legal reason for her to ignore their questions. Everybody just seems to sit back, relax and let Trump get away with this crap.

HubSpot : This #Juneteenth, the cast of #DearWhitePeople came together to determine which grits are the best: salty or sweet? Check out the debate, and watch til the end for a special announcement🤫👇 promax.tv/2FmmW87 #Promax #EntertainmentMarketing #Netflix Dear White People

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iPhone : If there were never another partnership announced

[Company A Logo]
[Company B Logo]


[Company A Logo]
[Company B Logo]
“Better Together”

the world would be a better place for it.

#strategicpartnerships #pr #creativity