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WH Digital : “Tax cuts, deregulation, and an Administration dedicated to growing business have allowed the U.S. economy to flourish. The resulting surge in job creation and record low unemployment has put the American worker in the driver’s seat.“ Sec. Wilbur Ross foxbusiness.com/economy/the-am…

iPhone : I met many incredible people in Dayton, Ohio & El Paso, Texas yesterday. Their communities are strong and unbreakable. @potus and I stand with you!

Twitter Media Studio : Thank you Wayne Allyn Root!

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SocialFlow : Donald Trump thanked a right-wing conspiracy theorist for likening him to the “king of Israel” and the New York Daily News had a field day. huffp.st/h3XmlUp

SocialFlow : Two U.S. service members have been killed in combat in Afghanistan, officials said on Wednesday. nbcnews.to/31U6u7T

SocialFlow : Ending the Flores agreement would be Trumps most aggressive attack on undocumented kids since family separation trib.al/Y2LMShA

SocialFlow : Analysis: Why Is Andrew Yang Still in This Race? politi.co/2zh62UU

Hootsuite Inc. : Social media comments are one of the most commons ways people are discovering your brand 😱 Download our updated Digital in 2019 Q3 report: ow.ly/62Ju50vreLK

iPhone : Let’s be clear: What President Trump said was #antiSemitic. The charge of disloyalty or dual loyalty has been used against Jews for centuries. Almost a year after the #Pittsburgh shooting, as #antiSemitism continues to rise, it’s bewildering that we still need to have this conversation. twitter.com/ADL/status/116…

TweetDeck : WH Chief Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow tells me I sure dont see a recession coming. As talks continue with China he tells me the story needs to be changed and reformed, repeatedly saying not to be afraid of optimism. #MTP

iPhone : Forget Greenland and Dancing with the Stars, Trump is trying to seize unilateral powers to detain people “indefinitely.” Our report: msnbc.com/the-beat-with-…

iPhone : Today ends the “Tamron Hall” show tour! We ended it all in Phoenix at our friends ABC15 Arizona. Thank you to every one along the way for your hospitality, kind words, and most of all your support. It’s been fantastic! It’s almost showtime... Are you ready for 9.9.19? — Team Tamron

Twitter for iPad : JUST NOW: Joe Walsh inches closer to challenging Donald J. Trump.

If Republicans stay silent in the face of this guy, I dont think the country will ever forgive the Republican party.

New Day

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Periscope : RMU: Byron Allen v Comcast; 4 shot at Clark Atlanta; Black Womens Pay Day; Black experience defined pscp.tv/w/cC56GzEwNjk2…

Twitter Web Client : Sorry, but tonight I just have to tweet this column again. The truth is that we don’t have an actual presidency right now. We have a tiresome reality show whose ratings have begun to slide — and whose fading star sees cancellation on the way. wapo.st/2P2iToJ?tid=ss…

iPhone : Do anyone add up the cost of each candidate’s plans so that voters will have a total price tag for comparison. I’d like to see those. twitter.com/buzzfeedpol/st…

iPhone : Interesting sidebar to Inslees campaign ending: He was the only 2020 Democrat with a super PAC. It went on the air early for him with a $1 million ad buy in early states, and no polls moved.

Twitter Web Client : Remember this historic decades defining day
June 27, 2019
The United States of Minority Rule has been enshrined
Electoral College
Gerrymandered House
Malapportioned Senate
American Democracy*

SnapStream TV Search : Happy 100th birthday, Sister Jean!

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Twitter Web App : #BREAKING: Dow suffers worst percentage drop of the year, sinking 800 points or more than 3%, its also the 4th largest point drop of all time.

Is a #recession coming? twitter.com/CNBC/status/11…

Twitter Media Studio : In the latest Complex News Presents, people who’ve dealt with the cycle of probation share their stories and explain why America is in desperate need of a unified overhaul on their legal infrastructure. “There are far too many people who have experienced the same thing.” @reform

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iPhone : As President Trump prepares to travel to El Paso to offer his condolences and support to survivors in the wake of a mass shooting, CNNs @DonLemon explains why the President cannot run away from his rhetoric. cnn.it/2GRSCmt

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iPhone : Yashar Ali 🐘 Encouraging news. Let’s hope the US can persuade the EU to oppose this proposal too! But disappointing that US did not oppose export of live elephants to live in captivity in Zoos overseas!

WordPress.com : China’s iQIYI in Talks for Indonesia Streaming Expansion wp.me/p2WgDE-1jqXXz

Hootsuite Inc. : From college sweethearts to life partners. Rachel and Kornelius Bascombe met at a college pep rally and have been insperable ever since. #BridalBliss ow.ly/kWcr50vF1H2

Twitter Ads Composer : Detroit activist Siwatu-Salama Ra was forced to give birth in jail last year . Finally shes had her gun charge convictions reversed!


iPhone : Only a matter time before someone rolls through the barbershop/beauty salon/braiding spot with some bootleg chicken sandwiches their people made ... claiming it tastes just like the real Popeyes chicken sandwich twitter.com/donpahblo/stat…

Twitter for iPad : “Former minister Dan Meridor, an elder of the Likud Party, said he only ‘hopes the Israeli-American relationship will recover from the very serious mistakes being made right now.’

“In an interview with The Times, he said Netanyahu’s decision was ‘an error in every possible way’” twitter.com/latimes/status…

Twitter Web App : Anderson Cooper Blows Up at Trump, Ivanka in Scathing Monologue: She Must Be Very Proud Her Dad Called Jews Disloyal mediaite.com/a/bssak

Twitter Web App : I often ask the Universe why ANTHONY ADAMS exists while simultaneously thanking the Universe that he does. twitter.com/spiceadams/sta…

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iPhone : The mass of the German population went along with the Nazi program. The vast majority of Republicans support and agree with Trump. Quit looking for the Good Republicans and focus on more open-minded rational people.

iPhone : Oh look it’s your fave thot in Inked 🙃

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iPhone : Leslie Proll Yes. And we’ve been pushing for and writing abt the need for background diversity for judicial nominees for years. And yes, as you point out & as the Carter appts demonstrated, there is a strong correlation betw racial diversity & background diversity.

iPhone : Woke up and momentarily expected to see the ocean outside my window again. Instead I found, staring squarely in my face, a work day. #backfromvacay #benicetomeihavejetlag

iPhone : The more you press him, the more you see how disorganized and empty he is, Dr. Lance Dodes, a psychiatrist, says of President Trumps public behavior. on.msnbc.com/31UrxHp

Twitter for iPad : With Chris Hayes about #Greenland. Fact: we’ve bought other islands from the Danes and have tried to buy this one before too. But why buy when you can rent?

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iPhone : BINGO....and the NFL purposely let that rumor linger out there so black people can do what we’ve always done, which is fight amongst ourselves, poison our causes and movements, disrespect our leaders while they (the owner’s) laugh at us. Mission accomplished! twitter.com/realdlhughley/…

Twitter Web App : Kayla Popisil used to co-anchor with Arthel Neville on Saturday nights, right? And she would fill in for Alan B. Colmes when he was on vacation?

SocialFlow : New data obtained by HuffPost underscores more unusual circumstances around the decision to prosecute Crystal Mason for trying to vote. huffp.st/RzbIgJb

iPhone : In 2018, the ppl of N.C. elected several black sheriffs who promised not to cooperate w/ Trump’s attacks on immigrants. Extremists in NCGA tried to override them, but N.C. Gov has vetoed their bill. newsobserver.com/news/politics-…

iPhone : The former image-rehab home of Tom Delay, Rick Perry, and Bristol Palin. This is the TV-show equivalent of When someone tells you who they are, believe them. twitter.com/Variety/status…

SocialFlow : Black felons will be hurt most by new Florida law requiring payment of fines before felons can register to vote, a study finds: trib.al/CHlq6D4

iPhone : Then the steel industry pulled him into a back room and said “Aye fam, I’ll murk yo whole family. Chill wit that soybean shit before I beat yo ass in front of yo kids” twitter.com/mercomatic/sta…

iPhone : Mark your calendars, South Carolina! Were going home to Orangeburg.

Join us in Jaimes hometown to kick off this movement to defeat Lindsey Graham. #JoinJaime

Let us know if you can make it >> eventbrite.com/e/69876605809/

TweetDeck : Heres what James Ho, Trumps pick for the 5th Circuit, said in 2006:birthright citizenship is guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. That birthright is protected no less for children of undocumented persons than for descendants of Mayflower passengers. twitter.com/KyungLahCNN/st…

Sprinklr : Happy Birthday DOM! Drop your favorite line by him! || 📷Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

iPhone : “Delusions of grandeur” is a symptom of several different personality disorders. medicalnewstoday.com/articles/32164… twitter.com/jonlemire/stat…

SocialFlow : Dear Democrats, the Mainstream Media Is Not Your Friend bit.ly/2zdCvf5

iPhone : I know that you starry-eyed idealists find it so tempting to indulge fantasies of a Joe Biden presidency but the facts are we need to decarbonize the entire US energy system by 2030 to avert global climate catastrophe.

iPhone : What makes the world go round.

The creators of the trends they love to steal.

The most magical & beautiful creatures on this planet.

Confident enough in ourselves to always show another sista love.

Can read you 4 filth with a smile on our face.

Just saying twitter.com/bb_shak/status…

iPhone : Today, I’m proud to release my latest #ClimateMission plan, Growing Rural Prosperity.

Because in addition to Trump’s chaos trade agenda and agribusiness consolidation, rural America faces the deep and unprecedented existential threat of climate change.

iPhone : Paul Pogba we are behind you. We know now English media will start there criticism. Anybody can lose a penalty even Ronaldo and Messi miss a penalty. Goalkeeper just went the right way. Pogba is and will always be the best midfielder.

iPhone : Sharing videos of murdered Black people isn’t work

Obsessively raising money no one can account for isn’t work

Bullying Black girls online isn’t work

Stealing the principled work of grassroots organizers isn’t work

Shaun King is a parasite & it sucks that he is celebrated

iPhone : I knew I needed to tidy up when I came home, turned on the lights, and, for one brief panicked moment, thought someone had ransacked my apartment.

iPhone : .Big Bird and Nina have officially arrived in Seattle, WA! First stop is Pike Place Market market! #ThisIsMyStreet

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Twitter Media Studio : HOMELESS TO HARVARD: Nothing stopped this young man from achieving his dreams. Ready to be inspired? Watch this. ❤️ Harvard University #Localish

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iPhone : Today marks 99 years since the 19th Amendment was ratified and women were granted the right to vote—the hard-won result of generations of Americans who fought for their fundamental right to have their voices heard.

Twitter Web App : Another arrest of a man planning a mass shooting. This time targeting coworkers and guests at a Marriott in Long Beach, CA. Tip from a coworker led police to a home in Huntington Beach where they found multiple high-powered weapons, tactical gear, & high capacity magazines.