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iPhone : Since i’m in a mood to challenge misconceptions about Judaism, this thread is very interesting twitter.com/justsaychristi…

iPhone : This seems like a good time to remind everyone that the phrase “love thy neighbour” first appears in Leviticus (in the Old Testament), a book holy in all three Abrahamic religions.

iPhone : Seeing tweets saying “Bernie is Jewish *but* he reflects Christian values of compassion...” Takes me back to school RE, being taught that Christianity was the religion of love, implicitly as opposed to all other religions. Let’s stop perpetuating this harmful narrative please

Twitter Web App : I have recently been reading about nineteenth century Socialist-Christian Millennialism so Belinda Carlisle being a Bernie supporter does not surprise me

Twitter Web App : Dave MrFlibble72 Amanda Abbington I didn't say he couldn't sing. I said I don't think he's the 7th best singer of all time, especially if the standards are pitched so high that Joan Baez isn't even deemed in the top 100. I have listened to every Dylan song. I am a fan.

Twitter Web App : Guys Please share this and help us find my sister. It’s been 15 days. The person who could give us an insight to her whereabouts could be on your TL. God bless🥺😔🙏🏾 missingpeople.org.uk/help-us-find/s…

Twitter Web App : Friends at conferences - please do not assume that the people that you talk to do not know anything. I just got told that I should read what Stanton et al found about pain.

I. Am. Stanton.

iPhone : Once a random man started asking me questions on a train. I said I was studying women’s history and he embarked on an anti-feminist rant. Then the woman across isle stood up and blasted him with stats that contradicted his arguments. It was Laura Bates from EverydaySexism twitter.com/dawnhfoster/st…

Twitter Web App : Enjoying a primary source in which a suffragette calls happily married women 'smug' like pic.twitter.com/yQdLAdHxzN

Twitter Web App : At school we were taught nothing about the Troubles in Northern Ireland. I had to Google what the Good Friday Agreement was. A crucial part of history that’s now at the heart of the Brexit debate and it was never discussed. At least I know how many wives Henry 8th had.

Twitter Web App : I went to the ER in the US for the first time last night (I'm totally fine) and apparently when I was half-asleep and a nurse asked me who pays for my medical expenses I answered Jeremy Corbyn