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TweetDeck : This is UNJUST.

Corporations love punishing patients and consumers to fatten their own pockets. #TaxTheRich #GOPTaxScam…

TweetDeck : "If you look at the price index of pharmaceutical drugs, they have risen since the passage of the 2017 #GOPTaxScam.

Corporate buybacks shot up significantly," Brad Setser

#StopPharmaProfiteering #TaxTheRich

Twitter Web App : Those wage increases didn't go to workers like the GOP promised.

Instead, those wage increases got directed to corporate CEOs. Not really the people who need those wage increases, huh? #StopPharmaProfiteering…

Twitter Web App : The next time some conservative economist tells you to "lift yourself up by the bootstrap", tell them this:…

Twitter Web App : Our tax code largely helps the rich get richer, leaving the rest of us behind.

The wealth gap only grew in between the rich and the rest of us. We must repeal the #GOPTaxScam and #TaxTheRich to reduce wealth inequalities!…

Twitter Web App : The tax code is inherently racist. We need to fix the rigged tax code by taxing the rich. #TaxTheRich…

Twitter Web App : 🚨𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐀𝐋𝐄𝐑𝐓🚨

🗣 Join us at 2pm TOMORROW for a House Health Subcommittee hearing to #StopPharmaProfiteering

💊 Big Pharma received huge windfalls from the #GOPTaxScam, but failed to pass their savings on to consumers

℞ Its time to stand up to Big Pharma!

Twitter Web App : When the President says the economy is strong, my question is: strong for whom? Strong for the wealthy? Who are reaping the rewards from tax cuts they don’t need? #SOTUResponse

Twitter Web App : America’s deteriorating infrastructure presents both a challenge and opportunity for us to keep our country #MovingForward.

But Trump is refusing to add millions of new jobs with bigger paychecks #ForThePeople that will sustain and grow the American middle class. #SOTU

Twitter Web App : YUP. The economy is strong for those who don't have to pay for it. #TaxTheRich…

Twitter Web App : Don’t believe Trump’s promises to protect Social Security—he’s cutting Social Security RIGHT NOW:… #NoSocialSecurityCuts #SOTU

Twitter Web App : ‼️ THREAD ALERT ‼️

Opportunity zones only benefited Donald J. Trump's rich allies and friends at the expense of Black and Brown communities. #GOPTaxScam…

Twitter Web App : It's a stretch for Trump to claim he single-handedly "saved" #HBCUs... A huuuuuuuuge stretch #SOTU


Twitter Web App : We have more charts on #unemployment & the #economy is this thread. There's still more to do. #CBPPSOTU #SOTU……

Twitter Web App : Workers are suffering in today's economy.

Maybe Donald J. Trump's #SOTU is directed at his rich and wealthy friends, similarly to how his poor economic policies.…

Twitter Web App : Let's not forget about #AmericasDairyland

Jobs across all sectors disappeared and the profits that could have helped people keep their jobs or even improve their jobs went to the pockets of the rich and wealthy.

#GOPTaxScam #SOTU…