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Twitter Web Client : "In the wailing of #Florence's winds," said the weatherman, "we hear the angry voices the oil war dead; in the flooding we see the tears shed in those wars." That'd be an accurate weather report, but you'll only see it HERE. buzzflash.com/commentary/hur… 350 dot org .350 dot orgMass @MassPeaceAction

Twitter Web Client : Treasury Sec. #HenryPaulson, formerly #GoldmanSachs' CEO, allowed #LehmanBrothers to go under so the Co. (whose stock he still held) would get billions in CDS from AIG. If that's not a smoking gun what is? counterpunch.org/2018/09/19/on-… #FinancialCrisis AFR Public Banking Inst

Twitter Web Client : I’ve never been a fan of #Feinstein, and, living in the Bay Area, I find myself hoping she will retire, because her time has been over for about 20 years now.


Twitter Web Client : #SusanCollins is proving more and more every day what a team player she is. And her team isn't the people of #Maine. It's #Trump's team. dailykos.com/stories/2018/9… #StopKavanaugh

Twitter Web Client : We filed a FOIA request and found a foreign government was involved in planning Trump's military parade.

At the foreign government’s request, the administration is refusing to disclose the country's identity. theintercept.com/2018/09/14/vet…

Twitter Web Client : The only reason [the #FCC] is keeping [this info] hidden is to prevent the public from learning which groups abused their comment system by submitting fraudulent comments, and who funded them. fightforthefuture.org/news/2018-09-1… #NetNeutrality .Open Media Project .CREDO Mobile

Twitter Web Client : The Democrats leadership is stuck in a status quo rut. Schumer & Pelosi are trying to cater to centrist Republicans rather than leftist Democrats. The more they pursue the former, the more they push the latter first into the apolitical morass of nonvoters. informationclearinghouse.info/50281.htm

Android : Lying under oath cannot and must not be rewarded with a seat on the nation’s highest court. go.shr.lc/2xvNtuX via Common Dreams #StopKavanaugh #WhatsAtStake #UniteForJustice #BrettKavanaugh NARAL #SCOTUS

Android : BREAKING: Committee vote on Kavanuagh is cancelled. His record set him as a threat to immigrants and women if confirmed as a judge in the United States Supreme Court. #StopKavanaugh cnn.com/politics/live-…

Android : Medicare for all is an idea that's time has come. This is a struggle not just about health care but about the heart and soul of our country, about what we stand for as a people. And it is a struggle we are winning. theguardian.com/commentisfree/…

Android : #BrettKavanaugh’s perjury in obtaining his current position on the U.S. Court of Appeals for DC Circuit lead to his removal from the federal judiciary & disqualify him from ever holding a federal office. go.shr.lc/2NiM3i6 via Common Dreams #StopKavanaugh #WhatsAtStake