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TweetDeck : Internet shit-birds will try to tar you with the 'latest-worst' thing. I'm lucky enough to have weathered the internet long enough to be accused of being a 'pedo' and a 'Russian asset' in the same decade. Go figure.

TweetDeck : ^^^ And that was back in 2012. Mensch Davidians would do well to read the full timeline that led to this fuckwit making this video. I put up with his shit for TWO YEARS. Then BAM.

Take note Mensch and co. Your TWO years shit talking me is up in April.


TweetDeck : Life screw ups always have some nut bag theory about me. Some call me a 'Russian Asset', others brand me a pedo.

"There's an unequal amount of good and bad in most things. The trick is to figure the ratio and act accordingly."

So that's what I do >>


TweetDeck : I'm a little pissed Trump managed to make today "A day that will live in infamy" abt him again w/ his greed & selling of the nation for personal profit. IMHO whether he likes it or not, today marks the beginning of the end for him. But I wish it coulda been yesterday or tomorrow.