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Bio 50% of indie game studio @Vlambeer. Creator of presskit(). Public speaker, traveler and supporter of indie initiatives & international game dev communities.
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Android : Today I learned: pickles are not a vegetable of their own, they are cucumbers that have been fermented in brine or preserved in vinegar, which is called 'pickling'.

Follow-up realisation: the English word 'pickle' stems from the Dutch 'pekel', which means brine.

Android : Left this lady in the Netherlands with her A1 Dutch certification last week, we just met back up in Boston and she now has a proud A2 level Dutch certification.

Android : The most genuine developer advice I've ever read on how to sincerely take seven full years of your life to ship a beta product. Great read by Ben Porter here. gamasutra.com/blogs/BenPorte…

Android : I mean, Delta is kind of a weird combination of kind of expensive for kind of poor features for domestic US flights, and without most of the @Skyteam advantages like lounge and upgrades it is just a bad deal given cheaper competition with better offerings.

Android : Flight complaints: I gotta say, flying Delta as SkyTeam elite member has gotten exponentially worse the last year or two. Might switch them out for something cheaper if the alliance loyalty means that little, and I have to deal with them this often.

Android : genuinely think we'll look back in 30 years and say 'hey remember when we used to make 50 hour long story games full of bespoke content and almost no-one finished them and everyone was burnt out, what were we *thinking*?!'

Android : youtube.com/watch?v=YPa110…

This talk by Rami Ismail at #gamelab2018 is one of his best talks yet! A lot of bite sized, yet deep, concepts, ideas and tips that should compose every designer's arsenal.