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Android : Jorge ❄️ I know, which is funny, because I'm absolutely impressed by RDR2 - I just don't love it, and have criticisms of some parts of the game. I guess that's not a type of nuance they're used to?

Android : I am fascinated by the comments on this RDR2 dev opinion panel: you can tell who in the comments cares about game design/dev and who in the comments just cares about showing that they like a game more than other people do.

Should do these panels more often, really fun format. twitter.com/gameinformer/s…

Android : bad lad It doesn't tho - players look ahead, requiring you to make interface to not obscure important information to the gameplay, which removes necessity to look back at the storm.

Android : John Wilds If I recall correctly, they put storm effects/dangers in front of you, right? The storm behind you was mostly hinted at/timer/interface, I think?

Android : All I could think watching the Just Cause 4 trailer was "did any 3D game ever figure out how to make 'apocalyptic storm chasing you' work as an interactive action sequence?"


Android : If you remember me retweeting some cool over-the-top-VFX platformer over the past few years, that was likely Anton Kudin's MegaSphere. It's on Early Access now. twitter.com/antonkudin/sta…

Android : There are still a few days left to apply to the Train Jam diversity initiatives. If you want to go to Train Jam & GDC, no matter where you're from or your situation, check if any of these initiatives are relevant to you & apply! twitter.com/IndieTrainJam/…