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Bio 50% of indie game studio @Vlambeer. Creator of presskit(). Public speaker, traveler and supporter of indie initiatives & international game dev communities.
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iPhone : Basically this account is a dedicated storytelling and ideas hub that I can easily access and bounce ideas off myself or whomstever else.
You’ll be likely seeing me talk about one of three stories I’ve got in my brainspace:

Twitter Web Client : Allez, je fais un format 🌟🌟 Topito 10 faits que vous ignorez sans doute sur la situation des #femmes en #détention en France (je ne parle pas du non-droit du travail, des locaux, de tout ce qui est commun hommes/femmes, mais des spécificités par rapport aux femmes) #prison

iPhone : Shinobu Hashimoto wrote fucking RASHOMON, SEVEN SAMURAI, IKIRU, THRONE OF BLOOD, THE BAD SLEEP WELL & HIDDEN FORTRESS for Akiri Kurosawa. Plus HARAKIRI & SAMURAI REBELLION for Masaki Kobayashi. Not to mention the badass THE SWORD OF DOOM. A fucking titan died today. RIP.

iPhone : Looking for #outline and color #animation system for #Unity3D? Try #Cromos – #outline and color animations. Available on the #AssetStore #gamedev #indiedev #coloranimation #VR #madewithunity #UnityAssetStore: u3d.as/Bmr more info: ift.tt/2K9sXpi

Android : What pigeons do for fun

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Twitter Web Client : - Los dos bandos hicieron cosas malas en la guerra, así que mejor no meterse en eso.
- Ya, pero que no te hablo de la Guerra, te hablo de los cuarenta años que van después.
- Los dos bandos hicieron cosas malas.
- ¿Qué cosas malas hizo la República durante el Franquismo?
- ¿Eh?

iPhone : What pigeons do for fun

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Twitter Web Client : Debugging my scene fader (written really early on... and poorly), resetting steam achievements, cleaning out debug logs, and adding some steam checks. #gamedev #unity3d #indiedev

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Android : Funko Yes please!!

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