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iPhone : It’s gone come a day when I lay a bitch flat out. You hoes too comfortable with certain shit. The internet got y’all too bold. Have the same energy in real life please.

iPhone : Antoshka I’m not saying you can’t find other women attractive. Ofc you can look but you being sexually attracted to someone is you wanting to do sexual things with them/too them. And you’re having these thoughts while you’re in a relationship? Idk🥴🥴 just don’t seem right to me.

iPhone : Antoshka No because those women such as Rihanna, or porn stars are VIEWED in society as sex symbols. Just like women view Idris Elba for example as a sex symbol. But you viewing someone ELSE.. a regular girl you know that’s NOT your gf as a sex symbol🥴🥴na

iPhone : Truth be told women hate looking at things from a mans point of view because we always feel like we’re right .. that nigga got a say so too.

iPhone : exactly! 10 shots in, it’s still “take me to my nigga house”…

iPhone : Def cheating. You can find other people attractive, ofc. But you’re telling me you find someone else SEXUALLY attractive.. that’s just a nice way of saying you wanna fuck…

iPhone : Dark times teach you a lot. That's why you can't regret what you went through, but rather be thankful for all the lesson it thought you.