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The Better India :… From Frugality to Freedom from Expectations, Dad Taught Me All: A Daughters Tribute

Android : पिता! वो छाया जो जिंदगी की तपती गर्मी में हमेशा हमारे साथ साए की तरह चलता है!
आज फादर्स डे के मौके पर आईये अपने पिता से जुड़ी हुई कुछ यादें साझा करें! The Better India #Fathersday

Android : I just read inspirational story of Lata Jadhav from Tilwani in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur district. Despite a life full of hardships, today she is the 1st woman in her village to run a grocery store without male interference. The Better India

Android : कॉमेडियन जाकिर खान के अपने पिता के बारे में कही इन बातों को सुनकर आप भी अपने पिता को याद करेंगे! Ronny bhaiya The Better India #FathersDay #पिता #PapaHainNa

Android : ब्रिटेन के सिख 5000 सीरियाई शरणार्थियों को रोज़ परोस रहे हैं इफ़्तार! #EidMubarak #Iftaari Khalsa Aid The Better India

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The Better India :… Meet Priyanka Joshi, the Indian Biochemist on Vogue’s 25 Most Influential Women List

The Better India :… Think Being Deaf-Blind Hinders Learning? Ahmedabad-NGO Will Prove You Wrong!

The Better India :… This Powerhouse Director from Assam is Creating Ripples in Indian Theatre!

The Better India :… Waste Plastic & Plant Fibres Can Now Be Used to Make Bricks, Thanks to IIT Roorkee!

The Better India :… This Auto Driver Gives Free Rides to Pregnant Women, Soldiers & the Specially-Abled

Android : "The automobile industry has been traditionally dominated by men. This trend is slowly changing and the decision by General Motors to appoint a woman as its CFO for the first time in its history only proves that point." Read more: (via The Better India)