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SocialFlow : "COVID-19 isn’t choosing its victims based on their social or economic background, but our government has decided that millions of tax-paying citizens are unworthy of their federal aid because we have 'prurient' jobs," writes Alana Evans

SocialFlow : That Massie skipped town suggests that the principled approach he would demand from his colleagues a week later was as inherently political as his critics claimed it to be

SocialFlow : University of Wisconsin police they believe the Tuesday slaying was “calculated, cold-blooded and senseless”

SocialFlow : A nonplussed attitude towards criticism might be one of Campbell’s defining characteristics

SocialFlow : The case of the first federal prisoner to die from COVID-19 epitomizes national debates about criminal justice reform

SocialFlow : The Trump administration itself has dipped into the federal reserves to help states in need despite Kushner’s claim it is not meant for state use

SocialFlow : Trump explained his decision by noting that he can’t be seen in a mask while greeting “presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens”

SocialFlow : "More bodies in the morgue means more competition for funerals, which means more competition for graves, which means more bodies sitting in the morgue, waiting for someone to pick them up.” Emily Shugerman reports coronavirus is crushing the death industry.

SocialFlow : Bernie Sanders tells Bill Maher that Trump will use that $500 billion in coronavirus stimulus money to influence the 2020 election…

SocialFlow : Bill Maher pokes fun at Tom Hanks, trashes Trump's "impeachable" coronavirus response in #RealTime return

SocialFlow : The search for Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean and her 8-year-old son has turned from a rescue effort into a recovery mission, her mother said late Friday.

SocialFlow : “Nearly 10 million are unemployed and thousands are dead because Donald Trump failed to take this crisis seriously from the moment he was warned,” American Bridge's Beychok said.

SocialFlow : “Trump must also withdraw his support for a partisan lawsuit that would undo the Affordable Care Act and take health coverage away from almost 20 million Americans,” Biden said.

SocialFlow : “As ER doctors, this is what we train for. But we’re shocked and disappointed by the lack of national preparedness—and leadership.” @gabrielleglaser reports on fear, anger and depression in the medical ranks.