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Twitter Web App : You know, maybe one of the actual problems w/ our politics is that too many politicians don’t feel anything when Americans die bc they can’t afford medicine, or when babies are permanently separated from parents.

GOP only has tears for billionaires & outrage towards “others.”

Twitter Web App : Please consider donating to this fund for #AtatianaJefferson who was murdered in her own home by a police officer. If you are not in a position to donate, please share this link. Say her name. End the mass murdering of innocent black people. twitter.com/shaunking/stat…

Twitter Web App : Girls are the future!👭🙌

All girls should have the right to live free from violence & discrimination.

This #DayOfTheGirl we’re celebrating 1000s of communities whove abandoned female genital cutting, so their daughters & whole communities thrive.


iPhone : Amber Guyger was sentenced to only 10 years and she’ll be parole eligible after 5 for what was obviously premeditated manslaughter of Botham Jean.

Meanwhile, there are generations of Black and brown people sitting in cells for far less and far longer.

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iPhone : Most complaints about "woke/cancel culture" boil down to this:

Before social media, communities without a platform typically were left out of the conversation. They didn't think you were funny then, either. You just never had to hear their reactions before, and you haaaaaate it.

iPhone : BREAKING: We just blocked Georgia's abortion ban.

Abortion is still legal in all 50 states.

We won't stop fighting until all efforts to block access are defeated.

iPhone : What would really “suck” is if we don’t fix a corrupt system that lets giant companies like Facebook engage in illegal anticompetitive practices, stomp on consumer privacy rights, and repeatedly fumble their responsibility to protect our democracy. twitter.com/JimPethokoukis…

iPhone : I’m here for all of Robert Deniro’s I Wish A Muthafucka Would energy

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