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SocialFlow : JUST IN: Trump approves Puerto Rico disaster declaration after series of earthquakes

SocialFlow : Here are the 10 senators who voted against Trumps North American trade deal

Twitter Media Studio : .Mike Bloomberg: Way back in 2001 and a lot has changed in those two decades. Back then, Donald Trump was just a failed businessman who desperately wanted to be on TV. Well, I guess not much has changed actually.

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SocialFlow : "We always are trying to compare presidents to each other, but we haven’t had an outlaw president before, and that’s what you have with Donald Trump."

SocialFlow : FBI arrests suspected neo-Nazis planning to bring guns to Virginia rally

SocialFlow : "I’ve been experimenting, so I have several units, one I call FLOTUS because it feels very Michelle Obama to me," Rep. Ayanna Pressley said smiling.

Twitter Media Studio : Sen. Chuck Schumer: A trial without witnesses is not a trial. A trial without documents is not a trial.

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SocialFlow : Eleven people arrested during Remove Trump protests in Senate buildings as impeachment trial begins

SocialFlow : WATCH: GOP senator lashes out at CNN reporter when asked about Lev Parnas evidence

SocialFlow : Angela Merkel says tensions with Trump have structural causes

SocialFlow : MSNBCs Brzezinski: I have a bad feeling Warren is not telling the truth about Sanders dispute

SocialFlow : Progress in reducing racial gap in health insurance stalled since 2016: report

Twitter Media Studio : .Katherine Clark: Documents can be great for establishing the truth when witnesses can change their stories. But thats not what were hearing from the Senate. The Senate is saying lets cover this up.

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SocialFlow : New allegations, watchdog report complicate GOP position on impeachment trial

SocialFlow : Trump says impeachment trial should move very quickly

Twitter Media Studio : Presidential candidates in the Senate -- Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Michael Bennet -- sign impeachment trial oath book.

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Twitter Media Studio : Authorities are stopping students and teachers from praying, sharing their faith, or following their religious beliefs. It is totally unacceptable.

Pres. Trump releases updated guidance on religious prayer in public elementary and secondary schools.

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SocialFlow : Republicans offer details on environmental proposals after Democrats roll out plan

SocialFlow : JUST IN: Senate Democrats launch investigation into Trump tax law regulations