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iPhone : Elizabeth Warren rolls out a new plan to tax “excessive lobbying,” which targets entities that spend at least $500,000 per year to lobby the government.

—35% tax on $500K to $1M
—60% tax on $1M to $5M
—75% tax on $5M+ spent to lobby…

iPhone : And yet The Good Place is pretty funny, Fleabag is pretty funny, Barry is pretty funny, Impractical Jokers are pretty funny, The Favourite was pretty funny... it is possible to be funny even when you aren’t punching down. We just punch across, or punch ourselves. ✌🏽…

iPhone : When a cruel, juvenile President tells those around him he wants to construct a 2000-mile-long moat on our southern border filled w/snakes & alligators, officials should say, we can’t do that, Mr. President. His enablers ran around getting moat estimates.…

iPhone : MAGA Man, Veteran by Inheritance. Wasnt a Marine himself, but his dad was.

America really needs a holiday for the Veteran Adjacent.

iPhone : No surprise here as Pompeo is perhaps even a less convincing liar than Paul Manafort. People ask, why did he lie? Consciousness of guilt. Criminal conspiracy. Coverup. All of the above. Given the choices he made, Pompeo will also fall.…

iPhone : 4 years ago, I straight up left the country on a whim to get clean. I traveled to over 25 countries to forget the misery I left back home.

It worked.

Ive got 1503 days opiate-free.

(Atop Hitlers Eagles Nest, 2 Oct 2015.)

iPhone : Um, really Google? This is who you choose to celebrate on addiction? Opponent of needle exchange, Bush research deputy drug czar, supporter of criminalization. To be fair, he *did* debunk harmful rapid detox programs... but not exactly pioneer of empathy for addiction.…

iPhone : Ted Lieu 8/ Hand-wringing and crying: "OMG Trump & Pals are stonewalling Congress! They will to destroy democracy!" helps Trump because it:
💠creates panic,
💠undermines confidence, and
💠encourages cynicism
which happen to be the same goals of Russian Active Measures.

Instead . . .