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Bio ...childrens book author/illustrator, activist, silly person. 🙃
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Twitter Web Client : ...yup! the statues. like the trees and chairs, was kind of a thing for me. i dont get a lot of opportunities to draw beautiful naked stone people in picturebooks. (which, i think is for the best.) thanks so much! -D x #YesYesHeCouldBeGallowglass #TheWorldofAllSouls #Circe

Twitter Web Client : ... #NationalRescueDogDay bcuz they make the best personal trainers! #UpandDownandThenHaveWaffles #ComingSoon

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Twitter Web Client : PEEK! EEEEEEK! ITS OUT NEXT WEEK! she said, tongue-in-cheek, chatting about method acting with urm...james vanderbeek? (o geez..)
dude, u were super scary in criminal minds.
#MonkeyWalk #GettingIntoCharacter #MyMomCutMyHair #PinkingShears

Twitter for iPad : ...text from MIL. a 📚store out in Phoenix. “standing next to 4 women who r positively GIDDY holding MULTIPLE copies! I said, ‘the artist is my DIL and she doesn’t usually draw naked tree people that I know of.’” 😳😦😶🤔🤪

Android : ...its more the layering of the washes and splurps of bw that makes them feel old, the lifting up paint, scrumbling, here and there. but when they were scanned in, I did clean them up. Contrast, levels, burn/dodge, etc. Thanks 4 the question! 😊

Twitter Web Client : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i swear i am like the babysitter from the incredibles and jack-jack is like, IGNITING in my hands! 😬😬😬😬😬#TheWorldofAllSouls #NewYorkTimesBestSeller #RightThereWithGirlWashYourFace #Numero10

Twitter Web Client : "grumpy?" that's just what my nana called me when my mom wouldn't let me put vanilla ice cream in my bkfast oj. or eat dinner on the floor with the dogs. or mail my sister back to santa. IIIIIII DIDN'T ASK FOR HER! (ok, that does sound a bit grumpy.) twitter.com/HMHKids/status…

Twitter Lite : Apparently, you cannot repost a sponsored post, so we cheated (took a screenshot) because it was so pretty! 🤩

#theworldofallsouls #deborahharkness ift.tt/2KgYIfw