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Bio Every month we accompany Pope Francis in his prayer requests. We invite you to join.
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ID 3469849653 : . Talitha Kum Rome celebrates 10 years committed against Human Trafficking at its General Assembly [21-27 September]
#10yearsTK #EndHumanTrafficking #ThePopeVideoโ€ฆ : To contemplate Godโ€™s love for humanity, Pope Francis gives us simple advice: letโ€™s look at the natural world around us and take care of it. #Creation #ThePopeVideo #SeasonOfCreation : Pope Francis invites us all to take care of the oceans. Their waters are the source of a great part of the life on our planet. #Creation #ThePopeVideo #SeasonOfCreation : Pope Francis invites us to pray this month that politicians, scientists and economists work together to protect the worldโ€™s seas and oceans. Join him in prayer. #Creation #ThePopeVideo #SeasonOfCreation : Letโ€™s take care of our seas and oceans. Pope Francis is asking it of us, and we all need to do it.
Co-creation with Yann Arthus-Bertrand Fondation GoodPlanet - #ThePopeVideo #SeasonofCreation

  • Start Video : Pope Francis invites us to pray that families, through their life of prayer and love, may become ever more clearly โ€œschools of true human growth.โ€ Join him in prayer.

#Families #ThePopeVideo

Twitter Web App : Thank you for the joy with which you have offered your lives. Thank you for all the times you welcomed those who have fallen, caring for their wounds and showing tenderness and compassion. Pope Francis #ToMyBrotherPriests #ThePopeVideoโ€ฆ : Let us reserve a special place in our family for prayer, as Pope Francis asks us #Families #ThePopeVideo

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