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Twitter Web Client : She kept saying I should get a motorcycle. I said no. She didn't understand the consequences. My last birthday she got me a vintage Triumph. I kissed her, hopped on, rode away and never looked back.
#vss365 #vintage

Twitter Web Client : In the back of the Goodwill it sat. Between the rusty golf clubs and the treadmills. The most beautiful bicycle ever built. A light as a feather 10 speed from the 60's but every nut and bolt shined like new. But no room for another bike in the big yellow truck.
#vss365 #bolt

Twitter Web Client : We met at midnight at the train station. We walked along the tracks picking up bits of industrial hazarai. I carried her old red milk crate and she tossed in the goodies. It was heaven till the cops came and took our treasure away.
#vss365 #midnight

Twitter Web Client : Carson the silent bodyguard was good at his job. Seven feet tall, 350 pounds, dressed in very expensive loose-fitting suits. His latest assignment turned out to be a ruse to frame him for assault. His revenge came too swiftly to savor. The body was never found.
#vss365 #ruse

Twitter Web Client : Smiley had an overactive empathy gland. He felt everyone's pain and suffering and did whatever he could to help. Then he met Martha. She felt nothing for nobody, including herself. With her he was free to have his own problems.
#vss365 #empathy

Twitter Web Client : Sitting by the swamp at midnight. Foggy phantasms drift by, arguing with the cicadas about nothing. Useless thoughts keep me from thinking she won't show. Finally, a flashlight bobs towards me through the woods. Into the clearing her father appears, not smiling.
#vss365 #phantasm

Twitter Web Client : Smiley's life was changed when he saw the yellow Lotus 7 on a trailer being pulled by a pickup truck driving in the opposite direction down the highway. He was 13. His father would not turn the car around. He vowed to own that car one day. Then he discovered sex.
#vss365 #lotus

Twitter Web Client : I am failing the crucible. I am not strong enough to survive the forces that threaten to crush me and tear me apart. I reach for help and my hand is chopped off. Even the voices in my head have abandoned me. But, alas, there is still beer.
#vss365 #crucible

Twitter Web Client : She has an ancient soul, possessing wisdom and knowledge forgotten for ages. The fortune tellers won't touch her. The horrors of her past lives are too painful to witness. She entered this life both deaf and blind as punishment. For what?
#vss365 #ancient

Twitter Web Client : Bike riding is my bliss. Yesterday the weather was perfect and the trail was smooth and flat. I emerged from my joyous reverie 15 miles from home. I happily turned around. I could do this all day.
#vss365 #reverie