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Twitter Web App : Across the water, a skyline of trees. The sunset makes rainbows in the river. There is a highway somewhere out there. The traffic noise fades with dying light. To live in such beauty and still be miserable. My soul is truly broken.
#vss365 #skyline

Twitter Web App : All my delusions were shattered in the look she gave me. I poured out my heart and she watched me like I was just some boring TV show. Twenty five years wasted.
#vss365 #shattered

Twitter Web App : Lord help me sometimes I’m just not that bright. Another amorous hint completely missed.
#vss365 #bright

Twitter Web App : She was a wild woman when she was young. She was out of everyone’s league. No one dared approach her. She grew to be old and alone. Just the way she wanted.
#vss365 #wild

Twitter Web App : Abigail was blindsided by the chipmunk. She unleashed the full fury of her cocker rage trying to get him off her back. Spinning round and round till the chipmunk went flying. He hit the ground, scurried into the bushes and high-fived his chipmunk buddies.
#vss365 #blindsided

Twitter Web App : I was once counted among the doomed of this land, but I found a haven in her arms. She gave me my soul back. Soon though the bill for this kindness will come due.
#vss365 #haven

Twitter Web App : I lingered over the image of the young woman in the latex nun’s habit. Arousal and repulsion battled for dominance. This Thursday’s therapy session should be above average.
#vss365 #linger

Twitter Web App : My favorite time of night. The bars are just shut and all the happy/horny couples head for bed. Groups of failed hook-ups laugh off their failure as they wait for the bus. Then, there he is, the lonely loser heading home alone. No one will ever miss him.
#vss365 #favorite

Twitter Web App : Her gift/curse is her ability to imagine the worst possible outcome for any action. She’s become so afraid of life she spends her days sitting on the edge of her bed waiting for the doom to come true.
#vss365 #imagine

Twitter Web App : Her body was a symphony composed by a madman. No single part was pleasant to witness, yet as a whole, stunning.
#vss365 #symphony

Twitter Web App : Fortunately no one was hurt in the explosion when Smiley tried to prove to Martha that it was perfectly safe to use a cell phone in a blasting zone.
#vss365 #explosion

Twitter Web App : “Friend is renegade.” It’s nearly 2AM. I’m watching the movie ZARDOZ for the 13th time. The woman I’d hope to be sleeping with went to bed at some point and I didn’t notice. I think I have a bad movie addiction.
#vss365 #renegade