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Bio #Vegan #Resister #MakeItStopItHurts #BelieveTheWomen #Dogs I have an elderly dog who is vivacious and silly but was diagnosed as depressed by a carnist troll.
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Android : Marcel rarely watches TV, but if theres a dog on the screen, even if its a silent dog, suddenly hes *focused*.

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Twitter Web Client : Think they can't go any lower? Think again. "The implication, actually said out loud by Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, is that the elderly could be expendable for the sake of the economy." News & Guts Media…

Twitter Web App : Apparently, mass murdering these after giving them a torturous life is considered a personal choice
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Twitter Web App : The black plague was absolutely bullshit too peasants were like " IDGAF man it's spring break we gonna enjoy ourselves regardless "

Twitter Web App : Read and share. It's interesting that logging, mining, and other human activities are highlighted before the topic of eating animals is discussed, but they get there eventually.…

Twitter Web App : I submit to you all THE definitive anthem of 2020.

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Twitter Web App : thank you to everyone who placed orders to help support our first launch of Vegan Girl Gang!!

we’re working on so many new products, updated ways to make our stickers and new cute designs!! hope you all are having an amazing day!!

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Twitter Web App : I hope that anyone who has had to start a home-based side hustle due to the insanity is loud about it. I would totally buy vegan baked goods or whatever else anyone is creating.

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I would love to have this dog but I don't live in Columbus OH bt I pray someone will take this beautiful pup into their home I guarantee you he will enrich ur lives Especially being a pitbull Pls forget about the myths They are very intelligent dogs Give unconditional ❤…

Twitter Web App : True! And time to PURGE! Get rid of that crap. Donate it (later). Clear it out.…