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iPhone : I invite Australians to watch US Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (a 37-year-old mayor of a small city) talk about climate change policy.

There’s no political conversation in Aus like this because it’s dumbed down by ignoramuses like Angus Taylor MP.

iPhone : Oh this on Greta Thunberg is brilliant.

She has triggered so many old white males, it's hilarious!


"And for her loudest detractors, she also represents something else: the sight of their impending obsolescence hurtling towards them."


iPhone : This is an 18-year-old this happened to. Climate denial is a toxic package of nationalistic politics, sexism, and fear. From cabinet ministers to scientists to children, they treat us all as a visible symbol of everything they believe threatens their identity. twitter.com/annaukscn/stat…

iPhone : FYI, everyone, the assumption that Taylor is making - that gas is decreasing emissions in countries we export it to - is a really really really blatant lie that is easily shown to be totally incorrect. twitter.com/KetanJ0/status…

iPhone : The Prime Minister of Australia has as his most trusted mentor & spiritual guide a man under investigation by the NSW Police for the crime of covering up child sexual abuse perpetrated by his father.
Let that fact loose in your head.

iPhone : Angus Taylor's grasslands corruption troubles are multiplying: Taylor now admits Josh Frydenberg knew of his family interest in grasslands affair theage.com.au/politics/feder… via The Age

iPhone : Calling two of my kids ‘turds’ for caring about the future. Really?

Calling hundreds of thousands of our kids ‘turds’. Really?

What more will it take 2GB 873 ?

#ClimateStrike twitter.com/madfckingwitch…

iPhone : The Murdoch media empire is a central cog in the fossil fuel industry attack machine. They are terrified by Greta Thunberg & the #YouthClimate Movement.
They have no answer to it.
There is no answer to it.
Other than: Do what these kids are demanding and act NOW on climate. twitter.com/GernotWagner/s…

iPhone : ...but given Josh Frydenberg slashed the budget for the “climate solutions fund” from $200m/year to just $76m/year in the 2019 budget — before the program even began! — angus’ target is even less credible.


iPhone : even if #CaymanAngus 🤥 does deliver on this, because of the accounting trick out emissions will not fall — see the orange line for his trajectory.

ie. he’s content to pass off out inaction, failure to reduce emissions as a success.


iPhone : eg. Angus Taylor MP 🤥 said “every last tonne” of emissions reductions for our paris commitment is accounted for.

this includes:
• 367Mt accounting trick
• electric vehicle strategy that hasn’t been designed
• unspecified technology improvements!


iPhone : #CaymanAngus 🤥 is going straight to hell for today’s interview on Insiders ABC.

be interested to know whether the general public can detect that he is, shall we say, estranged from the truth?

podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/ins… #auspol

iPhone : Because I've been sitting around a lot this week I've been wondering how much it would cost to deliver a *firm* MW to an electricity load, just using hardware that I know the cost of.

Here are some calculations.

iPhone : The problem with climate change is that the damage is happening *now* and can't be undone - the younger generations *will* be the ones to suffer. They *should* be angry and worried

The fault is not that adults have scared them but that we have given them a reason to be so

iPhone : Here’s Alan Jones’ learned opinion of the young climate strikers: “ ... you’re selfish, badly educated, virtue signalling little turds ... wake up, grow up and shut up until you’re sure of the facts before protesting.”


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