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Twitter Web App : What’s that you were saying Ivanka Trump, about you and your dad lifting up women around the world? This is beyond tragic and on you all.…

Twitter Web App : Goodbye. This is the most disgusting of today and there have been really disgusting tweets all day. I am just sick and can't take any more.…

Twitter Web App : This is the most sickenin’ thing Tea Pain’s can ever remember seein’. Every Republican must call upon Trump to resign immediately. The Trump administration is a domestic terrorist organization.…

Twitter Web App : Russian TV coverage of slaughter of Kurds: Tells the world America can not be trusted. Says, Other nations should make deals with Russia.

Twitter Web App : Why is that Hunter Biden needs to resign? A conflict of interest?

What do you call Moscow tower and Ivanka’s Chinese slave factories?

Twitter Web App : Ecuador’s National Assembly.

Yesterday protesters took over the building, after the President fled the city and moved the capital out of Quito.

This is bordering on a revolution. Why isn’t our media covering it?

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Twitter Web App : Hey MSNBC, Shep Smith is now available. May I suggest he take over Chuck Todd’s time slot? It’s time you tap into some of those Fox “News” viewers and help wean them of their addiction to a channel which is dangerous to our Republic.

Twitter Web App : Barr visits #Epstein's jail a few days later Epstein dead. Barr goes to SDNY and next day Rudy and Ukrainian American criminals are planning to leave country on one way ticket. Barr visits Murdoch and a day later anchorman at FOX who criticized Trump is leaving. 🤔🤔🤔 #DisBarr