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Bio Award winning artist. I sell rare “Tweets To Life” artwork. Love sports cards. Please check out my store here…. I also swear.
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iPhone : I lost about 300 shitty fucking followers tonight which is fine because I will gain 600 wonderful people tomorrow...

It’s the circle of Twitter.

And thank you to those who stuck around. I know it’s because I offer free Priority shipping in the US.

iPhone : If you enjoyed my rage over shorty comments, you can own and live it in the dazzling 1/1 red Tony Posnanski Live Tweet Moment featuring Elsa and a Care Bear. One day auction, starts at a penny, and free priority shipping. Comes in frame.…

iPhone : The Hoarse Whisperer If anyone understands it’s you. Damn it builds and builds and people have this superior complex because they press a follow button. Like seriously, fuck you! I am so good to good people but who the fuck writes that shit on my thread.

iPhone : Just spit ballin’ here.

Maybe we shouldn’t have a Supreme Court Justice who pulls down his pants and pushes his penis in the face and hands of women.

Radical idea, I know.

(But What The Fuck).

iPhone : I want to apologize for my rare outburst of anger. It has been building all day with fucking assholes making shots at me about art and money all day. But there are so many good people I met through this. I’m not changing. Get ready for a lot more artwork including Frozen stickers

iPhone : I’m going to put up 200 art pieces a day and then roll around in the money and then use it all for Yeezy crocs if I fucking want. Like seriously, fuck the self righteous assholes.

iPhone : Fuck You. Who are you that I have to explain a fucking thing?i don’t follow you and you sure as fuck can leave if I’m “annoying”. What a shit comment to write.…