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Android : They are Tories, they don't give a fuck! When will 'ordinary' people learn this and stop voting for them??!!!!!…

Android : Tonight @MichaelGove told the public our inadequate #COVID19 testing is due to a lack of chemical reagents.

The UK Chemical Industries Association says there's no shortage at all.

Nor has UK Prime Minister even asked manufacturers to increase production.

This is indefensible.…

Android : The gamekeepers or grousemoor-owners version of rewilding: Find 20-30 self-seeded, native, 21-year-old, fruit-bearing, thrush-feeding, 28-invert-supporting, 125spp-lichen-holding rowans; find these beautiful, hardy survivors in steep-sided clough & chainsaw them. Really sad

Android : Amnesty International have some free online courses about human rights (in a few different languages) if anyone is looking for a productive way to spend some home-time...

Android : If u were on payroll on 28 Feb & have since been made redundant, they CAN & morally SHOULD furlough u. Say to em "Ill accept 80% salary, and know uv option to make me redundant after"

Govt trusts firms to gatekeep this welfare & they must step up. Pls politely show em this tweet…

Android : Guardian news More people think that the gvnt was too slow to act on #COVID19 reduction measures than people who voted to leave the EU.
Does this mean we can get rid of the Tory gvnt for a proper socialist, humane alternative?

Android : We should be promoting peace & sustainable living, not war. I fkn hate this gvnt.…