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iPhone : Brenden Dilley I believe he’s a patriot, but he has been insufferable these past two years. And he incessantly interrupts Sarah and John when they are trying to red pill the masses. I don’t watch or listen to him anymore.

iPhone : Conservative?
He wanted to legalize drugs, end foreign wars, release many people from prison, allow more immigrants to come here legally, etc.

He was libertarian!

The mainstream media are so clueless.

David Koch-RIP. A fine man with laughter that he shared with everyone.…

iPhone : ABC & Vanity Fair interviewed girls who claimed to be abused by Jeffrey Epstein.

Their stories were never published.

Then-Editor Graydon Carter was allegedly threatened by Epstein but said the stories weren't published because they didn't have 3 sources.…

iPhone : POTUS calls out #Fakenews

It was sarcasm. It was joking. We were all smiling ... youre just a faker.

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iPhone : Why are a fresh brigade of 120 National Guard soldiers being deployed to Guantanamo Bay on "prison duty"? I thought all they had there were a few Al Qaeda suspects caught years ago in Afghanistan?…