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Android : The Montgomery County icecream platter and Dorchester County compote dish from the USS Maryland silver service.

Im not making this up, you know

Android : Why does this matter?

This makes obvious how easily police could game the system. Want to keep this person off the street for a while? Just tack on some extra charges at booking-- voila! release not recommended!

We need more police accountability for booking decisions.

Android : Erasure of Native people in the #Census2020
"A recent analysis by Randall Akee, a UCLA professor, found that on reservations with fewer than 5,000 people, the algorithm decreased the population of Native Americans by an average of 34%."

Android : "This first week of February has delivered about 1000mm of rain in 60 hours to Milford Sound."
(That's 39.4in)…

Android : The ML-Fairness-Gym is a new framework for building simple simulations that enable exploration of the potential long-term impacts of deploying #MachineLearning systems in social environments. Learn more and pick up the code below!

Android : The images and charts he designed for this exhibition are astounding. This is a lovely piece history of science, race, human sciences and scientific illustration. And note even very expensive! #raceandscience, #historyofscience #scienceillustration

Android : I am delighted that today we are announcing that newly submitted papers to Nature will be published with peer review reports & authors' rebuttals upon their acceptance #peerreview #transparentreview…

Android : Hi ASA, it’s 2020. Is this really the conversation you want to be creating around statistics? I get it as a casual joke from an individual twitter account but not as a tweet from a major professional society.…

Android : "Recommendations for designing genetic test reports to be understood by patients and non-specialists” - what a great theme for my colleagues’ paper!…

Android : "Mr Aroll said the results indicated there was a need for more clinical research into the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis."
Dr Arroll is right: this is promising, but there have been completely useless treatments that looked this good in uncontrolled case series.…