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Bio Made star treks, impossible missions, prequels, an avatar, 3 transformers, woke the force, rogued one, lasted a jedi, went solo, now raising the resistance.
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Tweetbot for Mac : I love nerdy breakdown videos, but this video was simple and so great explaining how lenses and cinematography work 📷🎥

iPhone : An essential read on why labor unions are necessary from the perspective of a young worker who was previously anti-union. Unions are more essential than ever across animation, vfx & gaming – all industries in which workers are routinely treated like second-class citizens.…

iPhone : "I thought unions could be good for some workplaces but others were good enough without unions and so they should be avoided. I was wrong. We need more unions everywhere."

Tweetbot for Mac : I’m sure Federalist types do a lot of self-praise on alt accounts but this one’s so on the nose it’ll make your eyes water. if you’re a bigot near Jesse please give him a hug

Twitter Web App : Part 2 of 2.

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Twitter Web App : One could say I was a big fan of The Colbert Report. I made this supercut 2010 of Stephen doing musical introductions to his Sport Report segment.

Part 1 of 2.

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Twitter Web App : Boy, I love this book. One of my prized possessions. (I should dust it.)