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Android : Ethan Klein We knew when I was on the podcast, but weren't telling people yet ... it was so hard to keep it secret until our families knew!!!! Glad to join the club :)

Android : remember the double pendulum -- classic exemplar of chaos? well, it's time for a thread about double pendula, generalizing from 2-d to 3-d... 1/8 twitter.com/robertghrist/s…

Android : Thats me. Thats a nuclear submarine. I entered the USS Pasadena to explore the mathematically optimal Battleship strategy alongside one of the most highly-trained nuke techs in the world.

[Watch now] --> youtu.be/LbALFZoRrw8
@americasnavy #sponsored

Android : “Dark matter” is kind of a misnomer because it suggests something that is black (i.e., absorbing all colors of light). But as far as we can tell light just passes right through it. It’s invisible, not dark.

Android : In 20 hours 20 minutes and 20 seconds time (i.e. at 40 seconds past 11:39 tomorrow) we will be 2020 hours 20 mins and 20 seconds away from being 2020 hours 20 mins and 20 seconds away from it being 20 seconds past 20:20 on the 20th day of the year 2020.

Twitter Web App : If an arrangement of edge-joined polygons can be folded (along edges) into a polyhedron, the arrangement is called a net of the polyhedron. The cube has 11 nets & each of them can tile the plane! Heres one of those 11 nets tiling the plane.

full video: etudes.ru/ru/etudes/cubi…

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Twitter Web App : it's called sudomotor innervation, sweaty. look it up. pic.twitter.com/x5GEQ0ceMD