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Bio Explorer of space. Engineer on NISAR Earth Science & Europa Clipper. Mars Curiosity, Cassini Saturn. Cat dad. Self-opinioned.
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iPhone : The Planetary Society comes out strongly in favor of NASA's new focus on asteroid detection and mitigation.

“This may prove to be the most important investment ever made by NASA."…

iPhone : Literally had a conversation this morning about stabilizing a spacecraft and the intermediate axis.

PS: flipping your phone around each axis is a great way to observe it but if you drop it and break it, you'll really learn a lesson…

Tweetbot for Mac : Sometimes it’s just the fury that burns in my eyes when I have to deal with people stuck in the past…

Tweetbot for Mac : It sucks because I’m a very rational person and it’s a very emotional experience, and even though I can talk myself down from the fears, the instinct never goes away.

Tweetbot for Mac : And unfortunately I know my dad had a very similar experience twenty years before that, during the Iran hostage crisis. To the point he had to go to the hospital after being assaulted.