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iPhone : Never-Trump Globalist Mitt Romney says He's No Longer "Part of the Republican Establishment" -- Then Slams Trump

That's the problem with Two-Faced Backstabbing Mitt! He has always been a part of the RINO establishment....the worst kind of Republican....


iPhone : All Trump’s doing is trying to stop the *double dipping*! I bet these are all DemoKKKrat mayors.

So tired of leaches being demanding. No one owes you anything.

“70 mayors sign letter opposing Trump proposal that would restrict access to food stamps” thehill.com/homenews/admin…

iPhone : ℳεℓ ...better try and please her! She looks like the type that might blow the place up or cut your head off.

iPhone : OMG! Beggers cant be choosers!

Ungrateful lady in Britain complaining about her free temporary housing! I cant understand who the heck these people think they are!


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iPhone : Goodmorning

Tom Bergeron slams booking of our friend Sean Spicer for upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. Says it's a "divisive booking."

But I guess you're all good with drug addict, whorehouse regular Lamar Odom right? Got it!

Please stfu too leftist Tom.

iPhone : You know It’s a great day when my #American #Flag arrives in #Arizona & I get to hang it up #Proudly in front of my house, God bless #America & God bless President #Trump

I’m definitely hanging a #Trump2020 flag next on the other side

Let’s #KAG & re-elect President Trump

iPhone : I voted for Donald J Trump in 2016 because he is owned by no one!
Many paid no attention to politics and assumed it was business as usual.
Democrats arent fighting so hard because theyre innocent!
Its just a matter of time until all the corruption is exposed!
VOTE 🔴 2 SAVE 🇺🇸

iPhone : Anthony Scaramucci joined Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Rothschilds at Martha’s Vineyard last weekend! thegatewaypundit.com/2019/08/the-mo…

iPhone : Deep State FBI Director Wray Fights to Delay Release of Strzok-Page Text Messages Until AFTER 2020 Election

Can’t you believe this sh!t! Wray was sent in to clean up the “Deep State!” But he’s been covering for them since the beginning! Fire him ASAP!

iPhone : FIRE WRAY! Deep State FBI Director Wray Fights to Delay Release of Strzok-Page Text Messages Until AFTER 2020 Election thegatewaypundit.com/2019/08/fbi-di…

iPhone : I'm sick of hearing about John McCain today!

All Cindy McCain and Meghan McCain do is look for reasons to get attention.

He was a traitor and I despise a traitor - dead or alive!

iPhone : Piers Morgan: The Left Have Become Unbearable.

When did Piers Morgan become so woke?

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iPhone : THE WALL IS WORKING: illegal aliens fail to Scale the New Border Wall Section, then head back to Mexico (VIDEO) 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 thegatewaypundit.com/2019/08/the-wa…