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Twitter Web App : The Goddess of Snakes,16th c.BC.Arch.Museum of Iraklion,Crete,Greece.

Twitter Web App : The incomplete megalithic statues of Kouros in Naxos island,Cyclades,Greece.(8th-6th c.BC).

Twitter Web App : Gold diadem with a bust of Aphrodite (detail).3rd c.BC.Thessaloniki Arch.Museum,Greece.

Twitter Web App : The bronze head of Apollo (detail).Found in the waters of the gulf of Salerno in 1930.Hellenistic period.

Twitter Web App : Ancient Greek marble relief 330 BC depicting a soldier in combat (detail).From Athens.

Twitter Web App : Bowl with mythological scenes a Spinx frieze and the representation of a king vanquishing his enemies.Electrum.Archaic period 8th-7th c.BC.From Idalion,Cyprus.

Twitter Web App : Greek Corinthian helmets from the Classical period, stored in the Arch.Museum of Olympia,Greece.

Twitter Web App : Mosaic floor depicting the abduction of Helen displayed in the Arch.Museum of Pella in Greece.

Twitter Web App : Silver tetradrachm from Smyrna,Ionia.150-143 BC.Turreted head of Tyche right.Reverse ΣΜΥΡΝΑΙΩΝ in two lines.

Twitter Web App : Gold bracelets in the form of snakes.Hellenistic,3rd c.BC.From Alexandria,Egypt.

Twitter Web App : The Medici Riccardi horse head.Bronze.Hellenistic,4th c.BC.Florence Museum.

Twitter Web App : The ancient theatre of Termessos.Hellenistic,334 BC.Capacity 4.000 spectators.Asia Minor.