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iPhone : Craig Randle Not bitterness (posted before we blew it in that last game!), just as a result of that game at ER really (and accept we’re no angels!). Villa v Leeds final would have been good but we weren’t good enough on the day!!

iPhone : Cato9 The hate thing is mainly historical-like you say, good footballing team, good manager etc but still hated-given up fighting it as it’s a throwback (mainly) to the Revie team and not relevant to this generation, but still we get it.. can’t beat em-join em!!

iPhone : lee edmunds Yes Lee, am on top of the world. Day off work, sun shining, taking kids and missus out later, going away for a week soon-fantastic life. I know you’d prefer me to be rocking in a corner sobbing, but there’s really more to life than football.. you’ll learn

iPhone : Barry Rose When you’re waiting for some decent banter, insults and abuse, you send something I’ve been sent 20+ times. Come on, think of something unique, original, funny, new. Thinking is good