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Bio Were the transient astronomy group at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
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Twitter Web Client : LIGO EGO-Virgo Since we havent seen it here yet, this is the new, updated map. The area isnt much bigger than the first neutron-star merger, #GW170817 And like that one, it is in the south and only above the horizon for a little over an hour after sunset. Happy hunting! #S190510g

Twitter Web Client : The transient sky keeps giving! Here is a #Swope image of 2018lab (DLT40 discovery) and the newly discovered (by ASAS-SN) 2019eez in the interacting galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163. Check out the Hubble image of the pair without the transients: hubblesite.org/image/1627/gal…

Twitter Web Client : Aaron Tohuvavohu LIGOLA) 's Twitter Profile">LIGO Livingston EGO-Virgo) 's Twitter Profile">EGO-Virgo Here is the up-to-date BNS distances for all three detectors: gw-openscience.org/detector_statu… LIGO can see beyond 100 Mpc consistently, but EGO-Virgo) 's Twitter Profile">EGO-Virgo should only be able to see to ~50 Mpc. But we now know that it was sub threshold for Virgo, so that should explain the difference

Twitter Web Client : Day 25 of #O3 and LIGO and EGO-Virgo have another candidate #Gravitational_Waves event: #S190425z at 08:18:26 UTC If the event is confirmed then its probably a pair of #NeutronStars merging! More info at gracedb.ligo.org/latest/ #O3ishere 1/3