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iPhone : Perhaps the jankiest ever demo of a jailbreak.

Unfortunately, there is NO ETA on this (or if it’ll even be released).

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iPhone : iOS 12.1 breaks remounting / (again), and fixing it will take some time. If you want to jailbreak, stay on 12.0.1 or below for now.

My kernel bugs still work, so that’s a nice silver lining.

iPhone : People who harassed nullpixel into leaving are now calling him dramatic for leaving.

If that’s you, fuck off.

If someone wants to leave the toxicity of that community, they can. It’s a lot to deal with because of inconsiderate assholes like you, so sometimes you push people

iPhone : Ben Walburn Pwn20wnd So slandering someone who’s taking time apart from their day job and quite literally giving up on a few hundred grand okay?

I couldn’t care less for people “fellating” me — just don’t like being flamed for what’s essentially a hobby.