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iPhone : I wasn't actually surprised that he agreed to stop the attacks either time. In my career I've found few people are truly evil, most are just too far disconnected from the effects of their actions, until someone reconnects them.

iPhone : Were giving away one of every PAX West item. Coach jacket, gray hoodie, black pullover, pixel shirt, logo shirt, beanie, Wumpus plushie, and pin set.

Like and retweet for a chance to win way too much upper body clothing.

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iPhone : Since everyone is making a package manager of their own these days, I’ll donate 10$ x (number of new package managers who can actually install a package) to EFF.

Twitter Web Client : Issues with Libertas (crashes, requests to support apps, etc.) can be reported at…

I'll try to set apart some time to fix them, but don't expect too much activity until September.

Twitter Web Client : Since I'm working on a new iOS vulnerability I've just stumbled across, I'll not be working on Libertas until September.

If you are interested in the last beta release, you can get it below. Be aware that it hooks into UIKit and can break stuff.…

Twitter Lite : I’ll start the Libertas beta as soon as the Pokemon Go update for iOS is released, since they’re pretty fast when it comes to patching bypasses.