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Android : Stan Thank you.
The only sweet variant I have had and enjoyed is Four cousins.
But I would be sure to try outyour suggestions. Thank you

Android : One day I am going to come for all my friends who said drinking red wine is the getway to being chic and fabulous.
You mean drinking onugbu?😏
Why didn't you just ask me to blend bitter leaf and drink?

Android : Y’all should be thankful all these other stories on twitter be nothing but gifs and them niggas be lying too at least I gave y’all a picture book with a video pic.twitter.com/zhJBodJfdh

Android : Well I hope y’all enjoyed that story, but I’m a real life writer and this is my friend. Y’all gave me a run for my money I was too invested to turn back

But y’all tell Issa Rae Lena Waithe to holler at me I got a few movies and shows in mind.

And please leave my friend alone

Android : Our number one problem is selfishness and lack of empathy. Everything else comes from there. We always think we are smart when we are being greedy and selfish. It is the ultimate form of stupidity and the cause of our backwardness.

Android : [...you’re appreciated]

A chat of very few words, but with very high and unimaginable impact.

Send it TODAY to someone who deserves it.

Android : One thing I refuse to do whilst dating or in a relationship is go through their likes, messages, phone etc. I cannot come and give myself unnecessary headache. What I need to see or know has always and will always come to light.

Android : Pay is maximum of N10million gross per annum. The the person must have minimum of 10 years work experience

DM me for email address please.

Android : Job Alert!!!

I need a Corporate Finance person who understands finance, planning and analysis, financial modelling, merger and acquisition, IFRS reporting etc.. To work in Port Harcourt in the power sector....

More details below👇🏼


Android : England taught me to express myself freely. Going to school there was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It gave me confidence.

We should review the way we teach a lot of things in most of Africa. Give people more room to fail and learn from it. No class contests.

Android : "When life squeezes you, make sure the Word of God comes out of you! Put it in you today so that it will be there when you need it tomorrow".

- Victoria Ostee

Android : "Identity is a prison you can never escape, but the way to redeem your past is not to run from it, but to try to understand it, and use it as a foundation to grow." - Jay-Z.

Happy Birthday HOV.

Android : 90%, if not all, of the Immigration Consultants 'Outside Canada' are not licensed. All or majority of info they get is from online.

They only want your money & not to add real value.

I am not a consultant, but I break down processes so people can do it by themselves.


Android : Make friends within your industry and talk to your ‘competitors’ about their rates / salary / fees. We’re so hush hush about money but in the end, the secrecy is how businesses and organisations get away with undercutting so many of us.

Android : It could have been anyone
Me, you.

A stab wound to the neck is most likely a death sentence in resource poor areas

Nigeria is a resource poor area. This is true

The flow through the carotid artery, just at the side of the neck is roughly about 400mls every minute

Android : One of the best dates I've gone on was a game house, we played pool, car racing, soccer, dance competitions.

I lost every single game, even lose my mumu button join

See, activities matter,some memories are worth everything.

Not everytime, chicken and chips