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Bio Prevention through education,fire wise communities help to prevent the threat of wildland fires to communities. Fire prevention mitigation fuel specialist.
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Twitter for iPad : Donald Trump is a Russian sympathizer and collaborator and help the Russians to “compromise our most important election process also solicited foreign government to help him get dirt on political opponent when will they finally lock his ass up for being a traitor!

Twitter for iPad : Looks like the amateur lowlife ConMan crook and pathological liar still negotiating by kissing North Korea‘s and Putin‘s ass in Plainview like he does all his violations of the oath of office & the constitution while the asleep at the wheel Republican Congress sit on their ass!

Twitter for iPad : I can’t believe the Supreme Court would cover up for a con man” pathological liar who has violated his oath of office and the constitution complete bullshit!

Twitter for iPad : America wake up.!!
Do we need more what is here ?
Impeach this THIEF today !
Destroying us and stile in office ?
This money he stolen he have to give back !
Or his familly have to pay off.…

Twitter for iPad : Every single one of them have their hands dirty or blood on them one or the other or both and are responsible for the humanitarian disaster on the border and with the Kurdish people destroying years of cohesion gained with the Kurds helping us against terrorist that Trump let go.

Twitter for iPad : Someone is a LYING again !!! 🙊🙉🙈😡😡…

Twitter for iPad : Landlords cannot be allowed to raise rents to whatever they want, whenever they want. We need a tenants bill of rights that includes a national rent control standard.…

Twitter for iPad : How much more chauvinistic can you get with a sitting ConMan & crook well known woman abuser who likes to grab women by their private fire a high-ranking woman ambassador with impeccable honors & credentials and is an expert in her field and Geographic assignment unjustly fired?

Twitter for iPad : Consider the info here, & remember that the laws proposed wouldn’t bar guns from any law abiding citizen (women included). Gun laws are not sexist. If anything loose gun laws typically threaten women’s safety. To casually dismiss that, is classic misogyny.…

Twitter for iPad : Resistance
Is a movement
That moves on its own
You can push
It harder
To gain others
It loses voice
When it pyramids
To a hierarchy
Of haves
Or have nots

Resisting should
Bring us together
Not Drive us apart

Respect H.B.V.

Twitter for iPad : Miroslaw Dudek They are running on deep self-imposed denial and have put all their eggs in the tRump basket they have no other choices no women no people of color while Democrats offer a rainbow of choices in gender and real governmental experience hands-on!

Twitter for iPad : For t rump Affcourse !
for better cell for they bos and running for they lives because they will start killing each other , too much anger inside they have !
Look at them now !
They don't know what just happened, where they are !
Sad. 😃…