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Hootsuite Inc. : How much did this painting by Millet cost? In 1889 it was auctioned for the highest amount ever paid for an artwork at the time! Many artists were inspired by this work, including Salvador Dalí & Edvard Munch. The Angelus on display in NL for the 1st time:

Hootsuite Inc. : In a letter to his brother Theo, Vincent wrote about his ‘irresistible passion for books’, and how his need to study literature was just as great as his need to eat. But what did Vincent read?

Hootsuite Inc. : ‘Millet is - PÈRE Millet, that is, counsellor & guide in everything, for the younger painters’, wrote Vincent. At the beginning of his career, he wanted to become a peasant painter. Not surprisingly, he was a great admirer of Millet’s work. Discover more:

Hootsuite Inc. : I well knew that one could break one’s arms and legs before, and that then afterwards that could get better but I didn’t know that one could break one’s brain and that afterwards that got better too’. Read the story: #WorldMentalHealthDay #VincentvanGogh

Hootsuite Inc. : After the hospital, Vincent’s life in Arles did not get any easier. His neighbours in Arles organised a petition against him. In April, Vincent realised that he could not risk living alone any more, for now. Learn more #WorldMentalHealthDay #VincentvanGogh

Hootsuite Inc. : ‘I received sad news today. Vincent is gravely ill. I dont know what’s wrong, but I shall have to go there as my presence is required’, wrote Vincent’s brother Theo. Two weeks later, Vincent left the hospital. #WorldMentalHealthDay #VincentvanGogh

Hootsuite Inc. : Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay. How did Vincent van Gogh deal with his illness? Follow us today to find out more! #VincentvanGogh

Hootsuite Inc. : Following an argument and in a state of complete confusion, Vincent cut off his left ear. He was admitted to the hospital in Arles. His physician believed that Vincent was suffering from a form of epilepsy. Learn more: #WorldMentalHealthDay #VincentvanGogh

Hootsuite Inc. : Was Millet an influencer for the artists who followed him? Artists all around the world admired his work. They were impressed by how his artworks focused on the relationship between man & nature. Millet Getty Gentry; Vincent van Gogh; Kazimir Malevich Stedelijk Museum

Hootsuite Inc. : The Dutch masters were a great source of inspiration for Van Gogh. When he lived in the Netherlands, he regularly visited the museums in Amsterdam! What would he have thought if someone had told him that, 100 years later, the city would be home to a museum dedicated to his work?

Hootsuite Inc. : Millet’s work was often criticised. His style & choice of subject were unusual in his time. But after his death, the French government embraced Millet as a national hero, who had captured rural France in all its glory. Self-portrait (1840-1841) Museum of Fine Arts

Hootsuite Inc. : Do you think this style of painting is traditional or modern? Millet’s style was not traditional. More than that: it was highly modern for his time. The high horizon means that the landscape covers half of the canvas. That was ultra-modern then!

Hootsuite Inc. : ‘Rembrandt goes so deep into the mysterious that he says things for which there are no words in any language’. Van Gogh had many ‘heroes’ whom he looked up to. Rembrandt was certainly one of them! #VanGoghRenews Isaac and Rebecca, Rembrandt van Rijn Rijksmuseum

Hootsuite Inc. : What do artists like Van Gogh, Monet, Munch and Dalí have in common? They were all inspired by the French artist Jean-François Millet! Discover the work of Millet and the many artists he inspired in our new exhibition: #VanGoghRenews #Millet

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Hootsuite Inc. : #OnThisDay in 1862, our Jo was born! From 1891 up to her death, she dedicated herself to raising awareness of Vincent’s art and letters. In September, we launched a book about Jo: Everything for Vincent. Read more: #JoVanGoghBonger

Hootsuite Inc. : #OnThisDay in 1862, our Jo was born! She was not only active in the art and cultural sphere, but also in the Social Democratic Workers’ Party. And in the developing women’s rights movement, which fought for better working conditions for women. #JoVanGoghBonger

Hootsuite Inc. : Today is a very special day. #OnThisDay in 1862, our Jo was born! Theo’s wife, and Vincent van Gogh’s sister-in-law. She was the woman behind Vincent’s fame. Read her story: #JoVanGoghBonger

Hootsuite Inc. : Lots of 19th-century artists painted myths, biblical scenes or battles. But one artist who didn’t was Jean-François Millet. He focused on the tough peasant life. The everyday farmer as a hero: this is why he was viewed as a modern artist in his time! The Gleaners Musée dOrsay

Hootsuite Inc. : Van Gogh mentioned more than 1,100 artworks and at least 800 books and magazine articles in his letters. Why did he read so much? He sought intellectual and artistic nourishment because he wanted to grow, as an artist and as a person. How do you try to grow as a person?