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Bio Writer. Refugee. 1st gen college student. Affirmative action beneficiary. Pulitzer, Guggenheim, MacArthur, ACLS. I speak but I am not a voice for the voiceless.
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Twitter Web App : This is entirely civil. This is textbook civility. He hasn't been jailed for his beliefs; no one has torched his house. His readers and friends simply withdrew their financial and social support in response to his PUBLIC endorsement of a fascist.…

Twitter Web App : I mean, SHOAH dealt with the Holocaust in 9 hours, and yet we have four seasons of #handmaidstale and it's not finished yet

Twitter Web App : I'm late to the TV show #handmaidstale, and while season 1 was great, I'm in the middle of season 2 and it feels like torture porn. Also, while patriarchy & homophobia are critiqued, white supremacy/racism is not remarked on at all.

Does the show get better?

Twitter Web App : I had a great time moderating this discussion of the fabulous, moving film WALK RUN CHA CHA with director Laura Nix, Paul and Millie Cao, and their dance teachers Max and Elena. You should see this short doc!

Read about it here:…

Twitter Web App : Ignore a racist email or letter? Respond in anger? Or try and do something for that person who wrote me? Ive usually ignored them but my New Years resolution is to respond, hopefully in kindness and with attention to the thing that festers in the person who wrote me.

iPhone : About Jay Leno’s racist joke that Koreans eat dogs: yes, some Asians do this. But you know what else is inhumane? American mass meat production that tortures millions of chickens, cows & pigs.

It’s always easier to see the inhumanity of others & yet be blind to our own cruelty.

iPhone : Gabrielle Union (ranked #1 talent on NBC in 2019) was fired from America’s Got Talent for reporting racism and sexism. She is a TRUE champion of diversity and inclusion for people of color, the LGBTQ community and women. She deserves much better than this.…