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Bio Passionate Remainer so one of the 48%. Convinced this figure is now more like 60% and want a chance to prove this! Avid Archers fan. #FollowBackProEU #FBPE
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iPhone : So Electoral Commission apparently told Alex Spence that not illegal if less than £500. Which seems a pretty extraordinary loophole. But because no ID checks at all, it’s also open to abuse: multiple donations etc.…

iPhone : This is nuts. Here’s Brexit Party taking donations in dollars. Which PayPal magically turns into £. Remember: it’s illegal in Britain for parties to accept foreign donations. Brexit Party seem to think they’ve found a loophole because less than £500..but surely still illegal?

iPhone : You want more extraordinary facts about the Brexit Party’s George Cottrell? Step right up. Here’s where Peter Jukes & I reported Andy Wigmore had sent his legal docs to Russian embassy marked ‘For your eyes only.’ And the message: ‘Have fun with this’…

iPhone : Here’s Brexit Party’s spokesman conspicuously failing to deny George Cottrell’s involvement. No ‘official position’. Also ‘not paid’. Note: Cottrell told Telegraph that his previous fundraising gig for UKIP was an unpaid role..

iPhone : .@observeruk found Cottrell had been claiming to people he is acting treasurer of Brexit Party. And had been photographed at Brexit Party events. My story didn’t make it in to paper today. But Sun Times *did* publish with what looks like separate sources…

iPhone : The story of George Cottrell’s involvement with Nigel Farage is completely wild. He was UKIP’s head of fundraising & Farage’s closest aide when busted by feds while with Farage in US & charged with 21 counts inc money laundering, wire fraud & extortion…

iPhone : Remember how I said if scheme looks like money laundering & smells like money laundering, Brexit Party’s should prove it’s *not* money laundering? That was before I knew an *actual* money launderer involved. Meet George Cottrell. Convicted felon. And acting Brexit Party treasurer

iPhone : Polite request to BBC Politics. Is this fair? To allow people I’ve been investigating like Banks & Phillips, below, a platform to slag me off on air? Without revealing she worked for Cambridge Analytica - who I exposed. Or asking her anything about it?

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iPhone : A vote for the Brexit Party is a vote against the NHS.

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iPhone : Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage hasn’t written a manifesto so we’ve done it for him, based on statements by him and his candidates. Billboards going up across the country this week. See more at (location: Radford Rd, Coventry)