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iPhone : Here is my story of being told to go back where I came from by a restaurant waiter

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iPhone : The Media wants to bury this weekend story that turned out to be a #HateHoax

So I’m reposting it. Everyone should know!

Lawmaker Erica Thomas said a white racist told her to “go back where she came from.” Now she admits he didn’t!


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iPhone : Another #HateHoax

Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas said a Racist White Man told her to go back

He said he’s Cuban & also a Democrat.


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#EricaThomas #EricaSmollett #EricaThomasResign

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iPhone : Why would Trump help get a black
hip-hop artist out of jail if he’s a racist ?

The man is stuck in another country so why would Trump help if he don’t want black people in America?

All the black celebrities used to love him and rap about him!
So who racist ?

iPhone : He promised a Veteran 30K if Donald Trump gave him a Retweet and guess what Trump loves the vets so he hit the retweet button!

GIVE Bill a Follow! He’s helping a lot vets!

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iPhone : They’ve threatened to shoot & kill me because I’m showing proof Trump is not a racist.

Black & White liberals are calling us Stupid N***ers for going to the WH

SO I’m Reposting this! Let’s make them mad
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👉 #BlacksForTrump2020

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iPhone : Rep. Omar condemned President Trump but WHY didn’t she Condemn Al Qaeda ?

Let me just ask her! Hey Ilhan Omar why didn’t you condemn Al Qaeda?

Who else wants to know ?

RETWEET so she can answer the question!!!

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iPhone : #IStandWithIlhanOmar is trending!!! So y’all stand with someone who refused to Denounce Al Qaeda ?

Let’s make #IStandWithPresTrump Trend!

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iPhone : SEND HER BACK was chanted at the #TrumpRally and I agree!

It wasn’t Racist! No matter what color you are YOU can go back home or move if you don’t like America.

I stand With Trump! Who’s with me???

#TrumpRallyNC #GreenvilleRally #Greenville

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iPhone : My account was reported because I spoke out against Ilhan Omar for not denouncing Al Qaeda!

People are trying to shut me down!
They want this video off the internet!

* RT if you don’t think I said anything wrong or let me know if I did


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iPhone : Now I’m pissed off! You can call me NAMES and SEND THREATS but Don’t come for these young black Americans that were invited to the White House by Trump! That trip was so special to them! I’m a public figure so come for me & NOT THEM! twitter.com/w_terrence/sta…