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iPhone : How to Prevent Pregnancy & avoid Abortions

1. Don’t have sex
2. Use Condoms
3. Birth control Pills
4. Morning After Pills
5. Focus on Jesus
6. Patches
7. Shots
8. Devices

So many ways.

iPhone : To say abortion & death is the best thing for a child born into poverty is absolutely ridiculous. Yes there are some bad foster homes but majority are good! So to say a kid is better off dead than going to a foster home is ridiculous. I was a poor kid in foster care so try again

iPhone : Twitter Family please tell me what you think!

actress Jameela Jamil 🌈 just made a huge diss to foster care kids all over the world.

Foster Care is not cruel! Going to Foster care actually helped me!

Is there anyone else like her that thinks foster care is worst than abortions

iPhone : “ I wish ur crack mom aborted you” well guess what my “crack mom” might have been on drugs but she wasn’t a killer. What kind of women would abort 9 children? She couldn’t take care of me but someone else did. I’m glad she let us live even though people told her not to.

iPhone : People are saying my mom should have aborted us so we wouldn’t have went through foster care and that’s absolutely crazy. Never kill a baby because you think their life will be tough. Give them a chance. That tough life has made me a strong & wise young man. twitter.com/w_terrence/sta…

iPhone : My mother was a addicted to crack cocaine, had 9 children by 6 different fathers & lost us to foster care. I’m glad she was Pro Life and didn’t abort us! We all deserved to live even though she couldn’t take care of us.
#RoeVsWade #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #AlabamaAbortionBan

iPhone : My thhrowback Video of
Maxine Waters acting crazy!

Playing throwbacks until my return!
#OntheRoadToRecovery #terrencekwilliams

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iPhone : Was he Wrong for kicking a raccoon off his boat?

People are saying he should be in prison and executed

Others say he did the right thing because are aggressive & carry rabies

**What would you have done ⁉️

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iPhone : Elizabeth Warren rode the city bus and people didn’t even care!
She has no chance in 2020.

Who’s laughing with me? 😂

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iPhone : I will be sharing my throwback videos while I’m recovering.

“ I don’t care if you like Obama or not I couldn’t hold back after looking at this painting ‼️” #terrencethrowbackvid

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iPhone : .Brian Sims blocked me on Instagram after I posted the video of him asking people to dox three teenage girls that were praying outside of Planned Parenthood

This guy is holding up middle finger in his profile pic but he claims Trump is unhinged.

who voted for this guy ?

iPhone : Warning ⚠️ Graphic Language!

I normally don’t post stuff like this BUT I couldn’t help but laugh 😂 !!!

PRESS 1 for English!

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