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iPhone : Parwiz Kawa Ashraf Ghani I am here to assess the police forces needs and security situation in the north involving 5 provinces together with HE the President of Afghanistan. It is part of my responsibility to travel to the provinces and visit my units and my command and control structures.

iPhone : Five armed thieves disrupting public order and have committed series of crimes in Kabul, were arrested by the Kabul PD8 after a short encounter with the brave police of district 8 today.

iPhone : امروز با تعداد از اعضاي كابينه تحت رياست جلالتماب داكتر عبدالله عبدالله بمنظور بررسي وضعيت عمومي ولايت غور و رسيده گي به متضررين حوادث اخير؛

iPhone : In response to the flood affected families in Darwaz districts, we have been providing emergency food and relief assistance to the needy.

iPhone : BILAL SARWARY به ادامه توزيع كمك هاي عاجل بشري، مبلغ دو مليون و دو صد هزار افغاني به ولسوالي نوسي انتقال داده شده تا به متضررين حوادث اخير توزيع شود.

iPhone : BILAL SARWARY از تمام إمكانات دست داشته استفاده كرده ايم تا كمك هاي عاجل در مرحله اول به مردم اسيب ديده برسد و در مرحله بعدي رسيده اساسي صورت خواهد گرفت.

iPhone : A proactive ministry of foreign affairs could respond to some of the claims he has made in this address. tolonews.com/world/sartaj-a…