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Twitter Web App : The hyperlink below will take you to the live stream tomorrow.…

Twitter Web App : Schumer making a motion right now to pass resolution calling on Trump to release whistleblower complaint. Buzz on the floor is that McConnell will not object, allowing it to pass. Just a non binding resolution, but...

Twitter Web App : Ukrainian president “directly” expressed concerns
at meeting w US lawmaker that “the aid that was being cut off to Ukraine by the president was a consequence” of his unwillingness to launch an investigation into the Bidens.…

Twitter Web App : It's the whistleblower complaint that matters. This is nothing but a down payment on that, and it has all the feel of the Barr summary that preceded the Mueller report.…

Twitter Web App : Tomorrow, I testify in Congress on Trump profiting from being his own landlord and tenant in a govt building. Hearing's open to the public and makes a good civics lesson for the kids: 10:00 am House Rayburn Office Bldg. Plan time to get through security.…

Twitter Web App : Again, the conduct is bad enough without showing quid pro quo. Sure, there almost certainly was either an expressed or perceived demand for one. But let's be clear: Asking a foreign government to attack our elections is itself enough, without a quid pro quo. We can't allow it.

Twitter Web App : Anyone else remember the time Mick Mulvaney suggested the Office of Government Ethics had no authority to collect copies of ethics waivers? This is the caliber of individual who carried out Trump's nefarious order to freeze aid to an ally fighting for its existence.…

Twitter Web App : The Hill Wow. Marco Rubio thinks it's not an impeachable offense to solicit a foreign government to attack our election. He had better hope he doesn't get his wish that this goes away. He may join us in thinking that's wrong if another president does this. By then, it'll be too late.

Twitter Web App : Jennifer Rubin I'd like to see a pollster ask this question of Trump supporters: "If a Democratic candidate asked a foreign government to investigate President Trump, should they be prosecuted?" (except I suppose they'd need to use the grammatically incorrect "democrat candidate")

Twitter Web App : NEW: About a week before he urged Ukraine’s president to investigate Hunter Biden, Trump told Mulvaney and others to halt aid. Eventually some feared decision could be illegal, and he was convinced to reverse. Latest w/Karoun Demirjian, Ellen Nakashima & Carol Leonnig:…

Twitter Web App : Trump's request for foreign election interference was at least as dangerous as the Watergate break-in. A failure by either side of the congressional aisle to respond proportionally would be more dangerous than the Watergate cover-up.

Twitter Web App : John Lurie Indeed! To be fair though, John, that's what I do too.
—Wait, what's that??? Huh. Never mind. What was I saying again?

Twitter Web App : Once more:

Yes, there are legal issues. But let's get past talking only about crimes. "Not a criminal" isn't the standard for Presidential conduct. Collusion in a foreign attack isn't a legal concept; it's an existential threat to a republic. That's what Congress must address.