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iPhone : US and Brazil agree to Amazon development.

So we are not saving the amazon but instead are now directly complicit in its destruction.


iPhone : I told the truth about Trump and was kicked off TV, shut out of other media, catfished and hacked. As bad as all that has been, it's nothing compared to what Reality Winner is going through for telling the truth about Trump.…

iPhone : Nobody cares especially the American public about what trump is doing to our military. If anybody cared they would be writing their Congressman or calling their Congressman and be demonstrating in Washington. Nobody cares about us military until we have a war and they need us.…

iPhone : The housing affordability and homeless crises are public health emergencies. In San Francisco, HIV rates among the homeless have increased a whopping 38 percent. We must act more urgently.…

iPhone : This is the voice I listen to; the voice I hear. Pete Buttigieg doesn't attack other candidates. He doesn't shout. Rather, he speaks calmly, and with compelling sincerity. He fills me with hope for our future. He's my candidate.…

iPhone : The boneheaded decision by ABC News execs to run a disgusting ad, which shows a burning picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez juxtaposed with dead bodies, MUST be held to account.

It was run during a debate that millions of Americans watched.

ABC (and Sinclair Broadcasting) MUST PAY. #BoycottABC…

iPhone : Amzon's Bezos is worth Billions of Dollars but is too Fn cheap to give healthcare. The rich want it all and if you can't afford healthcare then just die... They need their toys like jeffs rockets...…

iPhone : Last night, I was asked if I’d buy back AR-15s and AK-47s.

I said, “Hell yes.”

If you’re with me, RT.

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iPhone : Republican lawmaker threatens Beto O'Rourke and Fox has basically called him a hero.

Fox cable is trying to destroy America root and branch.

In the end we'll discover that Rupert Murdoch had Hitler tattoos hidden all over his body.

iPhone : There’s no question that people of color continue to be hit the hardest by the failed War on Drugs. Enough. It’s time we passed my bill to legalize marijuana and expand opportunities for communities of color.…

iPhone : The onetime House member will receive $62,500 per month for 12 months for the work, according a contract he filed with Justice Department.…

iPhone : #WeThePeopleMarch Shoutout!

Calling all Resisters!

September 21, 2019
DC march + over 60 solidarity marches across the US, incl. Trump properties.

Let’s make this massive!

Please RT the word about this urgent protest march.
Thank you! Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈…